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Craft engaging email surveys and gather feedback.

Design and create engaging email surveys to gather pertinent feedback & data

Share email surveys with your respondents and gather data.

Share surveys with your target audience using an email survey software

Analyze data and gather data using email survey software.

Analyze & study the survey data collected with an email survey software

Follow-up with your respondents and engage with them better.

Follow-up with your audience, thank them for the feedback, & engage with them

What is an email survey software?

An email survey software is a web-based platform that helps you to create and share a feedback survey or questionnaire via email to respondents. A great email survey software makes the task of handling email surveys and the data it brings a simple walk in the park. Thus, if you are considering email surveys as your feedback collection method, then invest in an excellent email survey software that stands by your side through and through. Email surveys with a great design, right subject lines, enticing content, and relevancy will help you get excellent open rates and response rates. An email survey software that allows you to create such surveys is a great pick.

Why are email surveys crucial to businesses?

Email survey is one of the best methods of feedback collection. Not only is it cost-effective, but also is time-saving. An email survey helps to gather data and feedback that can be used for multiple purposes- from gauging customer satisfaction, measuring employee engagement, to doing market research. When properly implemented, email surveys help you to converse with respondents directly and gather their thoughts & opinions on a matter.

5 Ways An Email Survey Software Helps A Business

Do you wish to know why having an email survey software is an excellent investment at the end of the day? Here are five ways in which an email survey software helps your business.

Gather Product Feedback

An email survey software helps to collect feedback about your product/service. What are the features customers like and dislike about your product? What are the improvements they wish to see? These are some of the questions an email survey helps you find the answers to.

Gauge Customer Satisfaction & Experience

An email survey helps to gauge customer satisfaction and experience using feedback surveys. Thus you can analyze if the customer support and services offered are up to the mark and whether your customers are pleased with your services.

Improve Products/ Services

An email survey software comes handy to work on how to improve your products and services by directly involving your customers. Bridge the gap between what customers require and what you provide.

How Customers Use Your Product

Your product may offer more than one use-case, but knowing how your customers use it will help you get new perspectives and better ideas to tweak and improve the product.

Improve Engagement

Email surveys are more personal in nature. With email surveys, you can interact with your audience personally, thereby improving the engagement with them. Emails are the perfect way to strike up conversations and build relationships.

Key Features Of a Top-Notch Email Survey Software

We bring you the must-have features for any great email survey software. Have a look at what they are.

share periodic surveys automatically with an email survey software.
Automatically send out periodic surveys
Automated Pulse Surveys

You would require to send email surveys more than once. In such a case, spending time and efforts on sending the same surveys repeatedly doesn’t make sense. It would be a misspend of time, resources, and efforts. However, once you pick an email survey software that automates this process for you, the rest is a cakewalk. The only effort from your end would be to set the time, date, day, and frequency of sending out the survey.

Uncover valuable insights from the data using the strong reporting system of the email survey software.
Advanced reporting system to gain rich insights
Reports & Data Management

The purpose of collecting feedback and data is to perform a detailed analysis to uncover in-depth insights. An email survey software that comes with a robust reporting module will help you gain new perspectives and discover crucial facts about your business. This will help you make well-informed decisions that are backed up by reliable data. Turn the raw data into polished information in no time using the detailed reports and advanced filters of the email survey software.

Personalize the subject and the content of your emails surveys.
Send personalized emails to get high open-rates & CTR
Personalizing Emails

The metrics which quantifiably evaluate how successful your emails include open rates & click-through rates. Higher the rates, the better it is. Personalizing emails is the best way to ensure higher open rates and click rates. Having creative subject lines is the most vital aspect of email marketing. Moreover, the content in the email is vital too. Therefore, the email survey software you pick must enable you to personalize the subject and body of your email surveys.

Employ reminder & thank you emails to increase audience engagement and get high response rates.
Send reminder & thank you emails to your audience
Reminder & Thank You Emails

Everyone is busy. It is a fact. Thus, your respondents can forget taking the surveys. This is where having an email survey software that sends reminder emails comes in handy. The software sends gentle reminders to both partial responders & non-responders and politely urges them to take the survey and complete it. This helps you get better response rates. Once your respondents finish the survey, you can send them Thank You emails appreciating their time & efforts.

Categorize your audience into various groups using audience management feature.
Segment your audience into various groups for ease & clarity
Audience Management

If the email survey software comes with the feature of segmenting audience into different groups based on diverse criteria, grab it right away. Audience management comes useful while handling email surveys as it gives you better visibility of your audience. Easy sorting helps you to send the right surveys to the right audience. In this manner, you can avoid sending the wrong email surveys to the wrong audience and save your emails from landing on the ‘Spam’ folder.

SurveySparrow As Your Email Survey Software

Wish to find out how SurveySparrow can be the best email survey software you set your eyes on? A minute’s read shall tell you why!

Configure & Create Personalized Emails

Send interactive email surveys to engage with your audience better. With the features to customize the subject of the email and it’s content, SurveySparrow’s email survey software helps you create highly personalized emails that’ll fetch you excellent click-through and open rates.

Say you wish to find out the feedback about a hotel from the guests. By creating and using custom parameters, you can add the name of the restaurant to the email’s subject. So instead of asking your audience “Please give us feedback of your stay” you can smartly ask them, “How was your experience staying at Hotel ABC.

Which do you think will bring better click rates & open rates? Definitely, the latter.

Recurring Survey Feature

The name says it all. You can bid farewell to the mundane task of repeatedly sending out the same survey over and over again once you get hold of SurveySparrow’s recurring survey feature. Configure when and how recurrently must the surveys be shared, the email survey software takes it from there.

Thank You Emails

We have roped in the Thank You email feature to help show your appreciation to your respondents for taking the time out to fill the email surveys. Once the respondents complete the survey, you can trigger Thank You emails to be sent. These emails are customizable, and you can save them as a template and use it for the future.

Reminder Emails

SurveySparrow’s email survey software enables one to send reminder emails to respondents when they forget to take & complete the survey. You can share these reminder emails to both partial and non-responders gently urging them to finish the survey. Besides, you can set when these emails must be shared- after a day or two, or a week!

Free Templates Collection

We have rounded in on several templates from different domains to help you get started with your surveys in a blink. After thorough research, these templates have the right questions to fetch pertinent feedback and data. Be it customer feedback, employee feedback, customer engagement, market research, or event feedback; we’ve got it for you!

An email survey software is a great investment to make stunning email surveys that not only brings you valuable feedback & data but also engage with your audience. Get started with your emails, right away, with the best email survey software-SurveySparrow!

Happy Surveying!

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