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What are Email Survey Tools?

An email survey tool is a web-based platform that helps you to create and share a feedback survey or questionnaire via email to respondents. A great email survey software makes the task of handling email surveys and the data it brings a simple walk in the park. Thus, if you are considering email surveys as your feedback collection method, then invest in an excellent email survey tool that comes with cherry-picked features and is light on your pocket.


Design & create engaging email surveys to gather pertinent feedback & data


Share surveys with your target audience using email survey tools


Analyze & study the survey data and gain rich insights


Follow-up with your audience, thank, and engage with them

Emails comprise a dominant part of communication across the globe, making email surveys one of the best methods of feedback collection. Not only is it cost-effective, but also time-saving. Email survey tools help to gather data and feedback that can be used for multiple purposes- from gauging customer satisfaction, measuring employee engagement, to doing market research. When properly implemented, email surveys help you to converse with respondents directly and gather their thoughts & opinions on a matter.

SurveySparrow as your Email Survey Tool

Are you on the search for a great email survey tool to collect relevant feedback and data from audiences? Here are some must-have features for an email survey tool.

Create conversational email surveys

Create a survey that’s conversational and brings 40% higher response rates. SurveySparrow’s email survey tool offers chat-surveys, conversational forms, NPS surveys, Offline surveys, and 360 feedback surveys. Choose from diverse question types, pipe questions to personalize, add a Thank You age, and create a survey in minutes.

Create conversational email surveys for high CTRs.
Create an email survey that's engaging and smart

White-label & Design it

Automate your periodic email surveys using the recurring survey feature. Configure the time, day, and frequency of sharing the email surveys. Set it once and forget about it. SurveySparrow’s email survey platform takes care of the rest. For instance, this comes handy while measuring employee pulse and customer satisfaction quarterly.

Brand your surveys using white-labelling and design it.
Design your email surveys and brand it with white-labelling

Import contact lists easily

Import your audience list to SurveySparrow’s email survey software easily. The import can be directly using CSV, Excel, or from any application like Hubspot, Google Contacts, Intercom, Salesforce. Add Custom Lists to group your audience easily and add properties like Job Title to them. These properties will help you filter responses and create actionable reports.

Import contacts easily and manage your audience.
Import contacts lists and manage audience easily

Share & automate email surveys

Share email surveys to your contact list(s) at one go and collect feedback swiftly. If you’re sharing the same surveys at regular intervals, you can automate the process using SurveySparrow’s Recurring Surveys feature. Configure the time, day, and frequency of sharing surveys. The email survey tool takes care of the remaining bit.

Share email surveys and automate it with Recurring Feature.
Share email surveys and automate feedback collection

Send reminder emails

Share reminder emails to the people who have not taken the survey or who have done it partially. People are busy, and we get that. So a gentle reminder, after a pre-set time, will nudge them to finish the form. Configure the subject line, message, and the interval after which you wish to share the reminders. The email survey tool does the rest of the job.

Send reminders to partial and non-responders.
Gently nudge respondents with reminder emails

Embed the first question in email

Add the opinion scale as the first question and embed it on your email surveys. You can use this feature of email survey tools to get greater CTRs. If you are sharing relational & transactional NPS triggers, email surveys with an embedded question are perfect. Thus, respondents can give their rating within the email spiking response rates.

Embed the first question of survey in your email.
Embed first question in your email surveys for higher CTRs

Analyze data & gain insights

Study the data using the email survey tool’s dashboard and gain rich insights. SurveySparrow’s reporting module captures data in real-time and stores it securely. Schedule the reports to your inbox and peruse reports without even logging in. Sift responses with Advanced Filters and cross-tabulate using the Compare feature. Export reports offline in the SPSS, PDF, Excel formats.

Analyze data, gain insights, and schedule reports to inbox.
Analyze data using email survey tool's dashboard

Create my first Email Survey for free!

Integrate with your day-to-day applications easily.

Integrate with any
day-to-day app of yours

Create workflows using webhooks.


Connect different apps using API


Integrate different applications using Zapier.


Create efficient workflows and execute tasks.


What are the benefits of Email Survey Tools?

Employing email survey tools takes immense work off your plate and brings excellent ROI for data collection. Here are the benefits of using email survey tools for your business.


Combines Multi-format Data

Email survey tools combine data of diverse formats like image, audio, and video to bring out surveys that are engaging and captivates the interest of your audience. As a result, you get high open rates and quality responses.


Multi-device Compatibility

Email survey tools help to build surveys that are multi-device compatible. This helps the audience to take the survey anywhere, anytime, according to their convenience.


Engaging & Personal

Many people prefer to give feedback via emails as opposed to online reviews and social media polls. An email survey tool helps you create surveys that are engaging and personal. Hence, you can not only collect feedback but also improve engagement with your audience.


Convenient & Flexible

Email surveys are quick to draft, easy to build, and even simpler to share. Export the contacts easily, configure the email list, and share it at one go! With the traditional counterparts of email survey tools, like paper surveys and postal questionnaires, reaching out to a mass audience, is difficult and time-consuming.

What are the use-cases of Email Survey Tools?

Here are five ways in which an email survey software helps your business.

Relational & Transactional NPS Surveys

Employ email survey tools to share and automate relational & transactional NPS triggers. Thus, the software will help you share surveys quarterly or bi-annually, and transactional surveys after purchase or interaction. You can set-up the latter using our workflows.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

An email survey software helps to collect feedback about your product/service. What are the features customers like and dislike? What are the improvements they wish to see? How smooth were the purchase and check-out? These are some of the questions email survey tools help you find the answers to.

Product Market Fit Surveys

Your product may offer more than one use-case, but knowing how your customers use it will help you get new perspectives and better ideas to tweak and improve it. Email survey tools help you gather insightful customer data that’ll empower you to bridge the gap between what customers require and what you provide.

User Experience Surveys

Email survey tools help to gauge user satisfaction and customer experience using feedback surveys. Measure the efficiency of client support and the overall customer experience. Station feedback units at every touch-point and improve the overall customer journey.

Email survey tools make the task of handling email surveys and analyzing the data a simple walk in the park. Thus, if you are considering email surveys as your data collection tool, then invest in an excellent email survey software that stands by your side through and through. Get started with SurveySparrow’s free survey templates and create your first survey in minutes. You can tweak the templates or use them as such. Customer satisfaction survey, employee engagement, online shopping survey, resort feedback survey, business travel request form, lead generation form, product feedback survey, website feedback survey, among the others to take your pick!

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