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Dnyan Shah

Head | Communications

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Mphasis is a leading IT company headquartered in Bangalore, India that offers application development and management services. With over 25000 employees spread across the globe, Mphasis provides application outsourcing, architecture guidance, and application integration. Founded in 2000, Mphasis serves plenty of industries involving logistics, financial service, and telecom industries and was ranked #189 among the Fortune 500 companies in 2019. Over the years, they have successfully applied their cutting edge technology and expertise to help businesses transform globally.



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To gain a more in-depth insight, Mphasis used an in-house tool to collect feedback. It didn't take them very long to realize that the whole process of administering the surveys, action planning, and then identifying the areas to improve was a lengthy cycle, which had to change. The survey participation rate was just at par and a dated interface made taking surveys a drab. Eventually, it became apparent that they needed a platform that uplifts and transcends the surveying process.


Mphasis had the flexibility and freedom to craft engaging surveys and roll it out to the entire organization. Surveys created using SurveySparrow helped them in capturing real-time data along with quick access to the same. It assisted them in compiling the intermittent extracts of data to make a quick analysis out of it. The comprehensiveness and the capability of the platform to create multiple rating scales proved to be very fruitful and have helped them collate qualitative data required to improve the employee experience. "I guess one of the most important metrics when it comes to surveys is flexibility. The speed of execution and the freedom SurveySparrow offers in executing the surveys is one of the most important metrics that has worked out for us", Says Dnyan, Head of the Employee Engagement Division.


The response rate of surveys conducted using SurveySparrow was surprisingly good. They found that this conversational type of survey experience caught their employees' attention. The engaging UI and mobile optimization made surveying a fun activity. The survey completion rate spiked to over 40 percent, and they were able to consumerize the surveys when it was kept short and neat. The recently rolled out survey during the lockdown has helped Mphasis to get a quick pulse on how their employees were doing in different parts of the world.

"SurveySparrow lets you conduct very informal yet important discussion around various attributes at work. The feedback received has helped us build interventions for every business unit in a very different way. The chat-like feature has helped us realize that these surveys are a lot more than just asking them to rate on a scale of 1-5"

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