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Isha Goyal

Associate Vice President – HR

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Godrej Consumer Products is a leading emerging markets company. As part of the over 123-year young Godrej Group, GCPL operates in the domestic and international markets in the 'personal and household care' segment. Their products include soap, hair colourants, toiletries and liquid detergents.

Established in 1897, Godrej Group is an Indian conglomerate company headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, managed and largely owned by the Godrej family.


Mumbai, India






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As the COVID hit the world, GodrejCP realized their need to keep agile and to keep their employees engaged. As a company that acknowledges and wants to promote the need for employee inclusion in their functioning, they were worried that their current employee engagement tracking tools are becoming obsolete. Moreover, they didn’t want censored feedback collection. Godrej was using Amber chatbot, which is set to monitor employee experience across the organization every three months. Though the process went smoothly, and they had no hiccups, the chatbot lacked some major value propositions they were looking for. The chatbot was primarily managed, and controlled by the service providers, and not by Godrej. From creating questions to generating reports, Godrej had to depend on their service provider. Secondly, the bot was incapacitated to guarantee anonymity to the respondents or to add advance customization.

The world was going through an ambiguous situation, and Godrej didn’t want to risk having blindspots, or for valuable ideas & suggestions to get lost in the process. Godrej wanted to make the employee feel like they were having confidential conversations with their Chairperson, Nisaba Godrej, rather than automated bot chats or surveys. Their need for personalization hence was of utmost importance. They also wanted the platform to be mobile-friendly, & device agnostic to ensure a pleasant survey experience.


GodrejCP had to move away from the tools they were already using - Amber, & Willis Towers Watson employee engagement tool. They tried PeopleStrong, & one other chatbot tools before ending their search with SurveySparrow. With a mobile-first approach, the white-labelling capabilities of SurveySparrow were exactly what they were looking for. Godrej was truly able to personify the chatbot and make it very light & intuitive. The bot was able to give the feel of a 1:1 to their teams when interacted with

They needed a robust real-time data collection tool with the flexibility of a simple crowdsourcing tool, and SurveySparrow was able to match those expectations. Godrej had found their best bet to integrate the voice of employees into their functions, effortlessly. The level of customization, offered in response management helped them to take actions on crucial insights, faster.

Being in the FMCG industry, Godrej appreciated the design sensibility, & the ease of use helped to drive response rates.

SurveySparrow being a no-code platform, the administrator was able to handle the entire process with little to no help- It was a delightful, self-serve experience.


Godrej was able to go live within 15 days, as they planned. And, they were definitely able to drive more engagements & uncover better insights, after using SurveySparrow. Almost 70% more responses were collected & most importantly the employees felt heard, which was the most important reason they had for adopting SurveySparrow. They were able to gather many great ideas, and suggestions from their employees across the world to help them put together strategies to help Godrej successfully ride out the pandemic & all the uncertainties associated with it. This initiated better collaboration between the teams & the leadership. The leadership had a better understanding & the possible solutions were evident because of it.

SurveySparrow truly has become GodrejCP leadership’s personal listening tool.

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