Customer Experience Management Software from SurveySparrow offers everything you’ll need improve your Customer Experience!

Customer Experience Management Software

Customer Experience Management Software helps to provide the best customer experience to your customers

Customer experience is all about constantly upping your game. What qualified as exceptional CX a couple of years ago has now become the norm. So with all the talk about customer experience management taking the center seat in the company strategies, what indeed is the magic associated with it?

In 2011, when iPad 2 launched, millions of people purchased it worldwide. A man ordered one and bought it online. Unfortunately, he had to return it with a post-it that said “Wife said NO”. When Apple saw his refund request, they did something out of the way to show how they value their customers. They processed his refund and sent back an iPad with another post-it that said, “Apple said YES”!

When brands go out of the way for their customers, people notice. Then they go about gushing the story to their family and friends. Thus it comes as no surprise that a customer survey platform that can help you provide the best customer experience management is a solid investment!

CEM: The Heart of a Successful Business

When it comes to core strategies any business has, the showstopper would be Customer Experience Management. It is a no-brainer that if customers reject you, the market sinks your product. If they go gaga over your product, then you rule the market.

In simple sense, Customer Experience Management is a journey you embark with your customers. A good customer experience management ensures your customers keep coming back for your product and services time and again.

To run and scale your brand, your customers must be your top priority. Here are some stats that can ruffle things up for you if your brand is not into customer experience management:

1. Around 70% of customer churn is due to poor treatment

2. 94% of your miffed customers never complain

3. It’s six times more expensive to win a new customer than retain an existing one

4. Word about lousy customer experience reaches twice more people than a praise about a good experience.

Customer Experience Management (CEM) software that’ll help you engage better with your customers

It is pretty much evident that, bad word travels not only faster but also farther. Not to mention the financial investment associated with acquiring a new customer.

What Does CEM Bring to You

Customer Experience Management nurtures novice customers into loyal ambassadors. Here are some points to that explain what an excellent customer experience management system can do to your business:

Customers buy from you, even at a higher price: This means steady revenue.

Brings a string of referred customers: Immensely saves the cost incurred in acquiring new customers

Forgiving by nature: They turn a blind eye to the once-in-a-while lapses from your side

Customers become proud advocates of your brand: their endorsements outruns your best marketing

Provide feedback: Customers offer valuable suggestions and constructive criticisms as they consider the brand to be their own

Customer Experience Management Software from SurveySparrow offers everything you’ll need for a great Customer Experience

What a Customer Experience Management Software Must be

A customer experience management software stands by your side to provide the most memorable interaction with your customers. Here’s how you can have a CEM system up and about to realize this.

Keep your happy customers close, unhappy customers closer: Having a good Customer Experience Management software helps you listen to the Voice of Customer. Place a keen eye on customer details, the communication you had with them and the nature of the last contact. Thus follow-up efficiently and connect with them on a personal level.

Anywhere, anytime: A good Customer Experience Management software must be flexible to provide access anywhere and anytime to its users. When your customers can answer surveys according to their convenience, you get more responses and better insights.

Insight into Customer Feedback: A good Customer Experience Management Software analyses the feedback of your customers from a granular level. Identify the next course of action to address any customer issues or resolve any queries. Close the loop and retain even a customer who has vowed to join your competitor.

Joining all departments: A Customer Experience Management software is capable of integrating the various departments in your organization like sales, marketing, support or even accounting to work in a coordinated manner to ensure a streamlined and pleasant experience for your customers.

When you Don’t Have a Good Customer Experience Management Software Up Your Sleeve

When you don’t have a good CEM system in place, what is it that you are losing? Your Customer; obviously. And how does it affect your brand? Have a look:

You lose a customer, you lose scope to improve: A customer can provide you with constructive criticisms that can turn things around for your brand. Each feedback counts, especially when the market is competitive and unforgiving.

Revenue leaves the door alongside: A lost customer translates directly into sales and revenue loss.

Brand Value: Happy customers talk. Unhappy customers talk more. And the latter is never good for your brand. This puts down all the efforts you’ve put into building and scaling your product.

Your competitor scores: When your customer abandons your brand, they naturally join your competitor.

So now you know why it is quintessential to have not just a good, but a great customer experience management software in your bag.

How can SurveySparrow be the Best Customer Experience Management Software for You

Chat Away: When it comes to building a relationship with your customers, you need to place them at the top of your priority list. When it’s not possible to engage with all your customers one-to-one, SurveySparrow offers a chat-like experience to get you started in a blink!

Engage more customers: Taking a survey is just like watching the paint dry - incredibly boring. But when the routine form-filling is replaced by a messaging experience, you will find more number of customers giving you valuable feedback.

Share easily : Don’t restrict the options to share your surveys. Be it social media, a web link, an email survey, or embedding survey on your website; name it and you’ll find us channel-ready!!

Send out Recurring surveys: When it comes to engaging your customers, the golden rule is,“Follow-up with your customers without nagging them for frequent feedback”. But sending out such surveys periodically would require a substantial investment of time, effort and labor. Our recurring surveys solves these problems for you, in a jiffy! Send out customer pulse surveys - Configure it once, the rest is fully automated. Yes, you can decide when the surveys must be sent; time, date, day and so on.

NPS: Net promoter score instantly gives you the likelihood of a customer recommending your brand to a friend. Get to know your loyal customers with this simple metric. SurveySparrow's NPS software will help you gather that and more!

Rich insights: Our rich dashboard will assist you in drawing valuable insights and ideas about the survey responses. Histograms and pie charts give you even a clearer view of where your efforts must be channelized!

Surveys anywhere, anytime: Your customers can take the surveys anywhere, anytime uninterrupted. Furthermore, we autosave all the survey answers. So your users can resume where they left off!

Engage better with your customers using SurveySparrow’s Customer Experience Management (CXM) Software

At SurveySparrow, we help you ensure your customers have the best experience with you and they keep coming back for more! Does your feedback collection face a rocky journey because of an unstable internet connection? Our offline survey app is there to solve this trouble for you by helping you with instant feedback collection! With our expert-engineered templates to help you get started and round-the-clock free support to help you out with the tiniest difficulty, have no second-thoughts!

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