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12 Top WPForms Alternatives of 2024

Kate Williams

2 January 2024

10 min read

One of the best form builder plugins is WPForms. You can quickly build different types of WordPress forms with the help of its drag-and-drop interface. Without writing a single line of code, you can easily create online surveys, donation forms, order forms, contact forms, and other WordPress contact forms.

WPForms is a beginner-friendly WordPress contact form builder used by more than 5 million sites worldwide.

12 Top WPForms Alternatives of 2023

Here are some of the most sought after WPForms alternatives for 2023…

1. SurveySparrow

wp forms alternatives

It is an omnichannel experience management platform with employee experience, product experience, and customer experience tools. With SurveySparrow, you can build conversational surveys to increase your response rates. It boasts of more than 100,000+ customers across 149 countries.


  • Management: Optimize your workflows with efficient user management
  • SSO: Log in to the platform with a single click using the Single Sign-on feature
  • Conversational surveys: Chat-like surveys make the surveys look like a dynamic conversation
  • Collect feedback from anywhere: SurveySparrow lets you take offline surveys, thereby helping collect feedback from anywhere
  • NPS: Measure customer sentiment with the help of NPS questions
  • Multi-languages: Translate your surveys into any language with the help of multi-lingual surveys
  • Assessment: Evaluate customer experience across different areas for 360-degree assessments
  • Question types: Use different types of question types to gather a variety of data and reduce the monotony of the questions.

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They have different pricing for both individuals and business users.

Personal: There is a free plan. Along with it, they have a Basic and Premium plan which are priced at $19 and $29 per month respectively.

Business: The Business and Enterprise plan is priced at $99 and $499 per month respectively. SurveySparrow also offers an Elite plan that is specifically for businesses that want a customized solution.

2. Cognito Forms

cognito forms

It is an online form builder and one of the best WPForms free alternatives that have powerful capabilities and are still easy to use. Cognito Forms offers more than 100+ free templates. Using its drag-and-drop feature, you can create beautiful forms. It supports data encryption. Even in its free plan, you can accept payments. You can easily collect how you collect information for surveys, lead forms, work orders, etc.


  • Payments: Accept online payments through PayPal, Square, or Stripe
  • Integrations: It is possible to integrate with thousands of other applications
  • You can view, sort, and filter until you have all the information you need
  • eSignature: Create contracts, purchase orders, and other documents using signatures integrated with your forms
  • Document: Attach images, resumes, and other documents
  • Parameters: Select your own measurement parameters for the feedback you want
  • Compliance: It helps you stay compliant with data privacy regulations


Free for 1 user

Pro: $15/month for two users. You can get unlimited forms, 2,000 entries/month, accept payments, and 1 GB of storage.

Team: $35/month for 5 users. Unlimited forms, 10,000 entries/month, accept payments, and 10 GB of storage.

Enterprise: $99/month for 20 users. Unlimited forms and entries. You can also accept payments and get 100 GB of storage.

3. Ninja Forms:

Ninja Forms - WordPress Form Builder

It is a free form builder plugin for WordPress that allows you to build any type of form. With more than 3 million downloads, it is proof that anyone can create surveys. You can easily design beautiful forms, and you have a dedicated support team at your disposal. From drag-and-drop fields, and conditional forms, to multi-page forms, you can create different types of forms.


  • Builder: Drag-and-drop form builder and customizable form templates
  • Mobile: Fully responsive, and mobile-friendly, and it matches your theme’s styling
  • Unlimited forms and submissions
  • GDPR compliance
  • Manage users professionally with the help of user management, help scout, and user analytics
  • You can accept payments and donations securely.


  • Personal: $49.50/month. You will get the form building essentials, a single site, and a few other functionalities.
  • Professional: $99.50/month for 12 websites. It gives you all the features available in the Personal plan.
  • Agency: $249.50/month. You get unlimited sites and an advanced set of features.
  • A la carte: In this plan, you can choose what you need. Based on your choice, the price ranges anywhere from $29-$129.

4. 123 form builder:

123 form builder

Used by more than 35,000+ businesses, it is one of the best online form builders and WPForms alternatives. Collect data and automate workflows with the help of surveys, polls, quizzes, and web forms. It has more than 2,000+ templates making it easy to get you started no matter what type of form you intend to build. The no-code drag-and-drop builder makes survey creation an easy process.

It enables small businesses to create any type of form. It even offers a Facebook application and plugins for major publishing platforms such as Blogger, WordPress, and Google Sites.


  • Data compliance: Create GDPR-ready and HIPAA compliant forms with multiple layers of security and various levels of compliance
  • Controls: Access controls and permissions
  • Activity dashboard and attendee management
  • Integrations: Provides 35+ advanced integrations and 4,000+ tools that can be connected with Zapier.
  • Payment: Collect money using 15+ payment gateways. It also does automatic calculations, discount and coupon codes, payment summaries, fixed fees, etc.
  • Data collection: It provides shareable form links, and embeddable forms, and you can easily access your data from 9+ platforms.


They offer a free plan for individual users named Basic. The Gold, Platinum, and Enterprise plan are priced at $24.99, $44.99 and $199.99 per month respectively.

5. Gravity Forms:

Gravity Forms

It is a premium WordPress plugin that lets you create forms. They do not offer a free version of their software. It has multiple features such as conditional logic, file updates, unlimited forms and entries, multi-page forms, etc. Gravity Forms has been there for more than a decade, and it is one of the best WPForms alternatives for 2023.


  • Form import: Use its simple import and export functions to create new forms
  • Paginated forms: You can create long surveys by breaking them into multiple pages that have less scrolling
  • Builder: Use its intuitive drag-and-drop builder to quickly design and build WordPress forms
  • Merge tags: Lets you dynamically populate field values in emails, templates, profile data, etc.
  • Data routing: Route the survey results to different places like CRM, email, etc., depending on your objectives.
  • Digital signatures: Users can sign the forms electronically using a touchpad, mouse, or a touchscreen device
  • GDPR compliant: It has in-built tools for managing personal data and validating user consent
  • Security audits: They routinely audit the entire code
  • Extensive API: It helps you push and pull data making it easy to manage forms and entries.


Basic License: $59/year, Elite License: $259/year, and Pro License: $159/year.

6. Formstack:

It is a workplace productivity platform whose suite of products helps you automate processes important to your business. Its no-code productivity solutions have helped businesses for more than 15 years.


Apart from being one of the best WPForms alternatives, Formstack also provides products for automating document generation, securing digital signatures, and a native Salesforce tool that combines forms, documents, and digital signatures into your existing environment.


  • Workflows: Streamline the workflows and data flow across the system
  • Share: You can send the survey links via email, embed forms on your website, and share them on social networking sites
  • Branching logic: You can set up conditional logic to build forms that react to the inputs by the respondent
  • Section 508 compliant: All your online forms will be accessible to internet users, regardless of their disability status
  • Smart lists: Manage a long list of field options, you can also push updates to all the forms from a single location
  • Subdomains: Increase brand recognition by using custom form URLs to provide a secure experience for the users
  • Conversion kit: You can power forms with conversion rate optimization features to unlock key insights.

Pricing (for forms):

They don’t offer a free plan. Formstack’s Starter, Teams, and Pro plan is priced at $50, $83, and $208 per month respectively.

7. Jotform:

Create custom forms quickly with the help of Jotform. You don’t have to write a single line of code, and its highly intuitive drag-and-drop builder makes it even easier to create forms.

Jotform home page

They offer the largest selection of free form templates available online, accounting for more than 10,000 of them. From enterprises to startups, Jotform is a good option for all of them. It has more than 15 million users.

Read more: Top Jotform Alternatives of 2022


  • Conditional logic: It provides unlimited logic jumps to tailor the experience of your respondents.
  • HubSpot: Its integration with this marketing automation platform helps segment leads and follow up in the most effective manner
  • Conversion tracking: You can add Facebook pixel ID or Google Tag Manager code for retargeting
  • Build unique interactions: Its Hidden Fields feature lets you greet people by name, segment channel-wise, etc.
  • Trigger actions: As soon as the respondent completes the survey, you can set trigger actions where they will be redirected to the website.
  • Integrations: Google Sheets, Zapier, Google Analytics, Mailchimp, HubSpot, Facebook Pixel, Airtable, and more


They offer a free plan with limited features. Jotform’s Bronze, Silver, and Gold plans are available at $24, $29, and $79 per month. If you want a multiuser platform with user management capabilities, you should get in touch with them for an enterprise plan.

8. Wufoo:

It is an online tool that lets anyone build forms. Wufoo hosts and stores all the data, you don’t have to worry about storage. It is used by more than 3 million users.

Wufoo homepage

The form builder has a sleek interface that allows for easy customization. Wufoo’s form analytics gives you crucial data such as submissions, bounce rate, time spent on submissions, and so on.


  • Unique experiences: It helps you design beautiful forms that match the look and feel of your brand.
  • Easy-to-use: It helps create the forms you need to collect data, files, and payments.
  • Custom branding: Add your brand identity elements to your form
  • File uploads: You can collect all types of files with your form and access them
  • Workflows: Seamless transfer your form data to your CRM, marketing automation systems, etc.
  • Custom reports: Build your own custom report
  • Data security: Wufoo’s servers are in a SOC 2, Type || audited data center in the US.


Wufoo’s Starter, Professional, Advanced, and Ultimate plans are available at $19, $39, $99, and $249 per month respectively.

9. Typeform

The web-based platform helps you create anything from surveys to apps without requiring coding knowledge.



  • Personalized flows: It helps respondents traverse through the survey based on their previous responses
  • Follow-up: You can automatically send people to the next stage by adding them to the CRM or workflow to follow up effectively
  • Customize: You can make changes to the form as much as you want by choosing templates and adding your brand identity elements
  • Integrations: Typeform offers more than 120+ integrations
  • Data safety: Data is encrypted using a secure TLS cryptographic protocol (TLS 1.2)


Its Basic, Plus, and Business plans are priced at $25, $50, and $83 per month respectively. If you want more than 50,000 responses per month, get in touch with their sales team.

10. Zoho Forms


If your business is already using Zoho Forms, then it is a no-brainer to choose Zoho Forms for your survey and data collection needs. It can be safely considered as one of the top WPForms alternatives of 2023.


  • Field types: It offers more than 30+ field types.
  • Data collection: You can make your forms reach a wider part of the audience by sharing it using different platforms.
  • Alerts: Whenever a new record is updated or submitted, instant updates will be sent on the chat platform
  • Analyze: Measure the performance of the survey using UTM tracking and analytics data. Mobile-responsive: The entire functionality of the online builder tool is accessible on any device.
  • Data privacy: They adhere to strict regulations, including GDPR compliance.
  • Automation: Using webhooks, you can instantly send form data to apps. It is also possible to set up workflows that will trigger emails whenever it meets conditions.


They offer a free plan. Their Basic, Standard and Professional plans are priced at $10, $25, and $50 per month respectively.

11. Formidable forms:

It is one of the finest WPForms alternatives of 2023. Formidable Forms helps you build simple contact forms or complex multi-page forms with file uploads. The drag-and-drop builder helps you create advanced forms.

Formidable forms


  • Style your forms: You can change form colors, borders, padding, and mobile responsive form layouts.
  • Anti-spam: Get options such as honeypot, Askimet, blacklist, and reCAPTCHA
  • User tracking: Formidable Forms lets you track the pages a user visits before submitting a form
  • Collect payments: You can collect credit card payments and recurring payments
  • Integrations: Helps you connect applications with your email, CRM, and automation platforms.
  • Visually appealing: Displays the results in the form of reports, graphs, charts, and other visual tools
  • Free plan: The free version of the plugin is available at You need to pay to access advanced features.
  • Quiz maker: You can create forms that have quizzes that will display the scores in real-time
  • Math calculations: Get instant online estimates and calculate advanced product options


The Basic, Plus, Business, and Elite packages are priced at $39.50, $99.50, $199.50, and $299.50 respectively.

12. Contact Form 7:

It is a free WordPress plugin that allows you to create email sending forms that can be inserted on your website. Contact Form 7 is one of the most used plugins for WordPress and has more than 5 million active installations. It helps manage multiple contact forms. For additional functionalities, you have to install different add-ons.


  • Conditional fields:
  • Data privacy: It has reCAPTCHA, Akismet, and Constant Contact
  • Editor: Drag-and-drop editor that makes it easy
  • Form management: You can manage multiple contact forms
  • Customize: You can customize the content and the interface as much as possible.
  • Free: It is free, always updated, and is well documented for those who want to use it.

Pricing: Free

Wrapping up…

For those who are considering WPForms, you might want to look at the alternatives available as well. The list of the top 12 WPForms alternatives that we have compiled will be of immense help to businesses that are looking to up their forms game. Create highly-efficient and attractive forms that change the way you collect information.

If you are looking for the best WPForms alternatives of 2023, look no further than SurveySparrow. It has a plethora of features and functionality that will make data collection a breeze. Get in touch with us to understand how our tool can help with your survey needs.


Kate Williams

Content Marketer at SurveySparrow

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