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Website Usability Survey Questions: 6 Types to Ask in 2024

Parvathi Vijayamohan

Last Updated:  

30 May 2024

4 min read

Even though we say “looks can be deceiving”, we also tend to make snap judgments about businesses based on their websites. 

According to one source, users take only 50 milliseconds to form an impression about a website – an impression that decides if they will stay or leave. Usability is a key factor that fuels this impression. That’s why website usability testing is a must! 

In this blog, we will share a list of website usability survey questions that you need to ask when designing or redesigning your website. Click to skip to the section you need. 

  1. General Website Usability Survey Questions
  2. Website Interface/Design Questions
  3. Navigation Questions
  4. Content Questions
  5. Payment & Subscription Questions
  6. Accessibility Questions

#1. General Website Usability Survey Questions

  1. How easy was it to find the information you were looking for?
  2. Did you have difficulty understanding any of the instructions or terms used?
  3. Did you encounter any issues while using the website? If so, please explain.
  4. What did you think of the overall design of the website? Was it aesthetically pleasing?
  5. Did you find any features confusing or difficult to understand?
  6. Did anything make it difficult for you to complete tasks on the site?
  7. Were there any features that were missing from the site that would have helped make your experience better?
  8. How intuitive was it for you to navigate through different sections of the site?
  9. Overall, how would you rate our website?
  10. One last question: How likely are you to visit our website again?

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#2. Website Interface/Design Questions

  1. What was your first impression of our business from the website?
  2. How did the design of the website make you feel?
  3. Is there anything here on this website that confuses you?
  4. Is the website interface easy to use?
  5. Was there anything you wanted to find on the website – but couldn’t?
  6. How would you rate our website design on a scale of 1 to 5?
  7. How would you rate the color palette for our website?
  8. Were you able to clearly differentiate between links and the other content?
  9. Were the images useful and relevant to you?
  10. How did this website design compare to [competitor’s website]?

#3. Navigation Questions

  1. Did all links work as expected when clicked upon?  
  2. Were navigational elements clearly visible and labeled?    
  3. Were you able to find information from our menu quickly and easily?   
  4. Did you find your desired page without a lot of clicks?   
  5. Did search boxes return accurate results based on your queries?
  6. Were there any areas within a site where you felt lost due to lack of direction from menus or other navigational elements?
  7. Was it easy for you to find your way back from one page after clicking away from it? 
  8. Did you encounter any problems while looking for a product or service?
  9. Do you think this product or service belongs in this category?
  10. Were you quickly able to find our pricing/contact/demo page?

#4. Content Questions         

  1. Did you find the website content relevant for your needs? 
  2. Was content displayed clearly without any spelling or grammar mistakes?  
  3. Did the website content provide sufficient detail when explaining topics?     
  4. On a scale of 1-5, how helpful did you find this page?  
  5. Was the content formatting consistent across each page?
  6. Was the audio content clearly audible?
  7. Did you find the speed of the audio just right for clarity?
  8. Did the videos play with the needed controls?
  9. Were you able to guess the video content from the description?
  10. How would you rate the clarity of the content on a scale of 1-10?

 #5. Payment & Subscription Questions      

  1. How secure did you feel when entering payment details?
  2. Were you able to instantly set a default payment method?
  3. Were you able to add multiple cards and/or addresses?
  4. Did you get a confirmation message upon successful completion?
  5. Did the website accept your preferred payment method?
  6. Were you able to complete the payment without a lot of clicks?
  7. Is there any payment method you would like added to our website?
  8. Did the payment process support your preferred currency?
  9. On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate the security of the payment process?
  10. On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate the ease of the payment process?

#6. Website Accessibility Questions

  1. Did the website offer an accessibility function – like changing the background color or resizing the font?
  2. Was the text on the website easy to read?
  3. Did it take time to open the website or download a file from the website?
  4. Were you able to get around the website using only a keyboard?
  5. Were you able to navigate the page? Even if you weren’t able to identify colors or differentiate between specific colors?
  6. Did you find it easy to move from one page to the next?
  7. Is the content wording clear and easy to understand?
  8. Does every non-text element on the site have an “alt” text or a meaningful description?
  9. Are closed captions and written transcripts provided for important video content?
  10. Are closed captions and written transcripts synchronized with their associated video content?

Note: Your website visitors can be an incredibly helpful source of information for all kinds of feedback. Need ideas? Check out our exhaustive list of website feedback survey questions.

Website Usability Survey Questions: Wrapping Up

Website usability survey questions are essential in order to ensure that your website provides the best possible experience for users.

By asking the right questions, you can gain valuable insights into how people use and interact with your website. This will help you identify areas of improvement, ensuring that your website provides a seamless user experience for all visitors.

With SurveySparrow‘s survey templates, you can embed website usability survey questions as a form on your site, drop it in the chat box, share it as a link – or even display as a QR code. Create your free account below to get started.

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