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How Can Survey Platforms Be Used in Real Estate Practices?

Athira Unnikrishnan

27 October 2023

7 min read

Movies may make it look breezy but being a realtor is a challenge in itself. If you are a realtor, you are probably nodding a vigorous yes. Being the negotiator, you have tons of demands to accomplish, shuttling between buyers and sellers, finding the dream house for one party and getting a good profit for the other.

And what’s more?! There are times when you have to drive miles on a nice Sunday morning to conduct house tours for potential buyers and despite all this, you do lose clients. Well, let’s not delve into the disappointment that causes.

Competition, environmental and economical changes etc. real estate reels under the weight of all these challenges yet you can’t ignore the fact that real estate and short-term rental management are indeed one of the most promising careers.
But it’s tough. Can’t ignore that either.

Things happen at lightning speed today and you need the help of technology to help you work efficiently and smartly. In this article, we will be discussing one such technology that can be applied to amp your real estate practices – Surveys Platforms.

Conduct Real Estate Surveys Aided by Survey Platforms.

How can a Survey Platform be used by Real Estate Agents?

You may not have realized, but online surveys can help a great deal, be it increasing your client list, understanding the buyer needs or identifying your satisfied, loyal clientele. Here are some of the ways in which survey platforms and real estate surveys can aid agents in improving the quality of their day, month or even year!

To Acquire More Leads than Ever

First and foremost, if you are a real estate agent with a website up and running then online surveys can truly act as a boon for you in lead generation.

Here’s a scenario.

You are looking for a service and you visit a relevant website. You run through the site; it seems fine and you make a note of coming back after visiting some more sites pertaining to your need. But eventually, it slips your mind and you never come back. Well, this exact situation could happen to hundreds of potential clients visiting your website.

You should leverage cold traffic and capture vital information. How do you do that? By adding a survey widget to your website! Trust me, by doing so you can collect a goldmine of information. It will help you discover the exact requirement of your audience, know more about audience demographics, even the preferred neighbourhoods and so on allowing you to tailor your website content and services accordingly. When you continuously engage with prospects you capture their interests helping you build a larger clientele.

Now, you are no programmer. How do you add a survey widget to your website? Isn’t that what you are thinking? That is where online survey tools come in handy. With the help of a survey platform, you can include a survey widget on your website with minimal or no programming. In addition, if you use any of the popular real estate website builders, you can utilize direct integration with survey platforms like SurveySparrow.

Also, use survey platforms or quiz makers to send forms and surveys to your prospects in a jiffy, be it prospective buyers or sellers. Choose templates or dedicate some time customizing the template to include questions that are imperative for you to understand the requirements and the demographics of the prospects and attract them to your agency. You can also procure detailed analytical reports on your audience once the survey results are out.

Though the process is super-effective you will have to keep one thing in mind, in order to make this successful, you will have to really earn the interests of your prospects.

You could make it more engaging by adding attractive themes and designs, offering incentives, creating personalised surveys and send it through the popular channels among your prospects like emails, social media etc. and see the magic take place!

Minimum efforts, maximum results! That’s what lead generation surveys bring you when you have a proper online survey tool in place. You can automate and streamline the entire process of survey creation and distribution.

Well, here’s a pro tip for you before advancing further: make sure that your surveys are simple, short and relevant especially when you forward them to your audience.

To Collect Property Feedback Efficiently

Feedback has become the very crux of existence for a business. There is no growth without procuring client feedback and acting upon it. It’s no different in the real estate industry as well.

Feedback tells if you are taking the right path or not and is indeed an effective source for negotiating seller and buyer requirements. You could forward a property feedback survey to your prospective buyer right after the tour of a residential or commercial property.

Feedback has become the very crux of existence for a business.

Here’s how a survey platform can help you gather crucial feedback data with minimum efforts. With the help of online survey tools, you will be able to create engaging feedback surveys.

Platforms like SurveySparrow even promise a 40% higher response rates, thanks to their chat-like and conversational forms. Well, what good can a survey do with minimal response rates?! With scores of themes, question types, templates, survey categories, customisation abilities and sharing channels offered by survey tools, the entire process of feedback collection works like a well-oiled machine.

For instance, you can ask the interested buyers,

  • How impressed were they with the property and add an opinion scale to it
  • How would they rank the following aspects of the property and add rank order
  • What did they feel about the price and go for multiple choice
  • If there is anything that the property lacks and make it an open-ended question

Apart from these you could just go for the simple NPS survey and ask your buyers the likability of recommending the property to a friend or colleague?

Well, these were just a few from an array of use cases. Things just get easier with survey tools!

To Create Agent Evaluation Form Effortlessly

Every small data in relation to your niche is vital. As a real estate agent, it is quite helpful to know how buyers find their real estate agents. You can know about the sources more often used to choose an agent,  the qualities the buyers look for in a realtor, whether they are satisfied with their current agent, the reason for dissatisfaction and so on.

A good number of survey platforms actually offer agent evaluation form templates most of which are created by industry experts. You can use the template, even customize it if such a provision is provided, share it through multiple channels and get notified when your respondents complete the survey.

To Measure Support Satisfaction with Surveys

Now, this is yet another step that is imperative for building relationships and your existence as a realtor. This where you get to know if you have supported your clients, both the buyers and sellers and mediated well between the two parties.

Highly satisfied clients can act as brand ambassadors for your agency and will help you grow your business through word-of-mouth. You can also use their feedback to improve your service.

For this purpose, you can opt for support satisfaction surveys offered by survey platforms. You can ask a set of questions regarding your service, like if they are happy with the conduct of the agent or about the way the entire process was carried on and so on.

You could also go for an NPS survey which is one of the simplest and most effective ways to measure client satisfaction and loyalty. You can measure satisfaction with a single question being ‘On a scale of 1-10, how likely are you to recommend us to your friends/family?’. Moreover, your respondents can complete the survey in a matter of seconds!

Highly satisfied clients can act as brand ambassadors for your agency helping you grow the business through word-of-mouth.

To Gather Information from Locales through Community Satisfaction Surveys

An integral part of real estate surveys, community satisfaction surveys help realtors to get a clear picture of the neighbourhood or community where they list and show houses. You can choose dedicated community satisfaction survey templates or make an engaging satisfaction survey with online survey tools for this purpose.

By carrying out such surveys you not only get to know the demographics, municipal service quality, average selling prices of the neighbourhood etc. but you also get a chance to make a note of the priorities and more importantly the lifestyle of the community.

By employing a survey tool for this purpose you can even get detailed reports on various aspects of the community based on the survey responses, making your job a plain sail! And with all these crucial information, you can match the neighbourhood or community with client preferences, thereby helping them move into their dream house in the best neighbourhood!

Community satisfaction surveys help realtors get a clear picture of the neighbourhood or community where they list and show houses.

Winding Up!

We live in a technology-driven world that provides us with super-fast solutions. Your clients too expect the same and the last thing they want to see is their real estate agent walking with a clipboard. It’s high time that you power up your practices with online real estate surveys.

Some swipes and a few clicks are all that’s needed to make a powerful real estate survey when supported by an online survey tool. The market also offers an arsenal of robust survey platforms that can help you provide exceptionally efficient services painlessly.

Deploying online survey tools are not only going to help you deliver instant solutions for your clients but also improved ones as well, helping in increasing client retention, satisfaction and loyalty. And when that’s settled, what more do you need for your real estate agency to flourish?!

Athira Unnikrishnan

Content Marketer at SurveySparrow

Just a plain soul enthralled by the power of words and the aroma of food!

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