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Top 20 Marketing Agency Partner Programs for 2024

Clare Zacharias

Last Updated:  

11 June 2024

7 min read

A software-agency partner program is like a match made in heaven. The software gets more clients at a low acquisition cost, and agencies enjoy a myriad of extras that the software offers them. Quite simple, you’d think it is.

If only! The truth about marketing agency partner programs is that there are many, way too many programs; that it is a chore to choose ‘the’ one. Also, if the choice goes wrong, you are left with a tool that your client will hate, but cost you an arm and a leg anyway, wondering if there is a way to get out of that fix.

But hey, let’s not go there. There is a better way to it.

What is a Marketing Agency Partner Program?

Let’s start with this. An Agency Partner Program is a strategy wherein a company and an agency enters into a partnership.

Most of the time, agencies are offered the company product/service at an exclusive price for their client’s use, and in turn, companies enjoy the benefit of more clients at a lower cost of acquisition. It’s like inviting your popular friends over to the party of your best friend. Total win-win!

Top 20 Marketing Agency Partner Programs for 2023

Not to brag, but we do have one of the best marketing agency partner programs and we are a fair judge of fellow programs.

So here goes: a fresh list of the best agency partner programs that you need to check out before you empty your pocket on some sham of a program.

1. SurveySparrow Market Agency Partner Program

If your clients need some assistance with collecting feedback (which, in our experience, all companies crave), you’ve found your gold!

SurveySparrow is one of the best online survey tools with its beautiful platform and a highly intuitive interface that is a breeze to use. With an impressive client list to boot, SurveySparrow makes feedback collection an experience to enjoy – for both the survey makers as well as the survey takers.

Don’t believe SurveySparrow is one of the best? Try this survey out:

Simple, yet engaging UI, isn’t it? You too can create your own for free – plus try out all of our features, no strings attached. Claim your free trial below:

The best part about the SurveySparrow Marketing agency plan is the price and the incredible discount it offers. With a 75% discount on the first 10 accounts, the plan is too good to miss. And the icing on the top is the chance to get listed in the Agency directory where partners can enjoy the visibility and prospects from qualified leads. From startups to enterprise-level organizations, SurveySparrow has something exquisite for every agency.

2. SproutSocial Agency Partner Program

SproutSocial is all about social media management solutions, and their partnership program caters to the agencies as well as their clients.

The Sprout Social Agency Partner Program supports the efforts to provide value to clients, minimize time and resource spend,  and increase revenue through community, co-marketing, and growth.

What’s more. SoroutSocial even offers an exclusive partner value award, in addition to all the other perks they offer.

3. Hubspot Agency Partner Program

Hubspot calls itself an all-in-one software, and rightly so. HubSpot’s Agency Partner Program is for agencies that want to grow their businesses. They deliver their promise by providing exceptional inbound marketing and sales services to their clients.

Aside from software, Hubspot gives its partners guidance, support, and training to help them and their clients in turn, grow and succeed. Growth in terms of revenue and improved client retention sounds too good to turn down, wouldn’t you agree?

4. Databox Agency Partner Program

Databox’s agency partner program is free to join for anyone who can benefit from excellent KPI reporting and monitoring software.

In fact, they call themselves the ‘agency program to end all agency programs’, thanks to the partnerships with companies like HubSpot, Wistia, SeventhSense, VOIQ and our integrations with platforms like Facebook Ads, Google AdWords, and Google Analytics.

The best part is how the Databox partner program helps agencies acquire, retain and grow accounts. That’s a neat offer, right?

5. GetResponse Agency Partner Program

GetResponse MAX is a powerful marketing automation platform that helps businesses drive better sales and work efficiently. 

GetResponse Partner Program offers the highest commission in the SaaS industry, with up to 50% commission. As part of this program, agencies will receive exclusive content, product and sales training, and a dedicated sales and onboarding specialist to fuel their growth. This program is specifically designed for agencies to support each step of their growth journey by adding a world-class marketing automation tool as part of the services.

6. Wistia Agency Partner Program

Wistia’s Video Hosting Service for Marketing & Sales Enablement help agencies run full video marketing campaigns for their clients and prove ROI with detailed video analytics.

Wistia offers a smooth video experience with no ads, and also assist users with video SEO and integrations, among other things. Their hands-on training and support are the best.

7. Hootsuite Agency Partner Program

Hootsuite has got the largest ecosystem of any other social media management platform, no kidding.

With more than 250 best-of-breed partners and integrations,  their agency program offers the technology and expertise to stay ahead of social media trends and digital transformation.

As a digital service partner, agencies are better equipped to help their clients solve complex challenges on social media with Hootsuite’s solutions.

8. Zapier Agency Partner Program 

Zapier allows users to connect apps they use every day to automate tasks and save time.

With Zapier’s library of over 1,000+ connected apps, agencies equip their customers to connect to their other business apps to create their own automated workflows.

Zapier has one of those partnership programs that every agency can use. Because, integrations!

9. Stencil Agency Partner Program

Stencil is a powerful image creation tool that is used by social media marketers, bloggers, and small businesses. It is simple to use and built for speed, meaning anyone can create beautiful images quickly to double their social media engagement.

Stencil has a partner program that is more of an affiliate program, with a 30% commission on every reference you make.

10. Bizible Agency Partner Program

Bizible’s marketing attribution and planning solutions connect your marketing to revenue, enabling companies to make the best decisions about their efforts.

They work with both media agencies and marketing operations agencies to provide their clients with world-class marketing measurement and planning.

Bizible has invested heavily in training for its partners, not just for learning their product, but also for client education.

11. Branch Agency Partner Program

Branch specializes in deep linking which enables users to get a better user experience over a mobile device.

The Branch Strategic Partners program provides participants the tools and education necessary to integrate the benefits of contextual deep linking as a core feature of their own product or service offering.

The highlight of the partnership program is that Branch is truly one of its kind.

12. Slack Agency Partner Program

Now Slack is everyone’s favorite tool! Companies who have partnered with Slack’s platform is promised an increased adoption rate, deeper user engagement, and, to everyone’s delight, a profound customer delight.

Slack already has an impressive 1000+ SaaS partners working together to make their user’s working lives simpler, more pleasant and more productive. Slack is good!

13. Shopify Agency Partner Program

Shopify, with its partnership program, beckons agencies to become the next e-commerce expert. Agencies can provide their clients with the customized commerce experiences they want now, and in the future.

Shopify offers a mutual partnership designed to propel your business to new heights, and guide you on your journey to becoming a true expert in e-commerce.

14. Vidyard Agency Partner Program

A Wistia alternative, Vidyard offers pretty much everything that Wistia offers too. Serve your clients better and uncover new revenue opportunities through the power of video.

Revenue sharing, co-marketing opportunities, and partner discount, and dedicated partner manager are only a few of the many bonuses Vidyard offers its agency partners.

15. Google Agency Partner Program

When we talk about the best partnership agencies, how can we not mention the prestigious partnership of them all?

Your agency gets awarded with a Google Partner badge, the ultimate recognition, that can be used on your website and marketing materials. The Google Partner badge shows that specific Partners have passed Google Ads product certification exams and are up to date with the latest product knowledge.

16. Sendible Agency Partner Program

Sendible can manage your client’s social networks, schedule messages, conduct customer engagement and measure ROI from a single dashboard.

As part of the partner program, they provide discounts and offers across a range of great products and services, create advisory case studies and host informative partner webinars and live events.

Sendible also promotes partner offers and content via their website, by email, and across social media.

17. Ceros Agency Partner Program

Ceros is a feast to the eyes with its design studio that is only about interactive content experiences. The Ceros Ecosystem exists to support, educate, inspire and empower experiential content creators.

Ceros’s program empowers agencies to help clients build ebooks, infographics and landing pages without any coding expertise. It helps to liberate your client from the static landing page since interactive content can gather smarter insights, boost engagement and increase conversions.

18. Pantheon Agency Partner Program

Pantheon is a well-established web development and hosting environment. Agencies of all shapes and sizes can realize great benefits with Pantheon’s partner program. You start by signing up for a 90-day trial of their enterprise-grade agency tools and then graduate to higher levels of partnerships.

Pantheon agency partners have access to tailored training, education on emerging technology, sales materials, and even dedicated success managers.

19. Marketo Agency Partner Program

The benefits of the Marketo Premier Partner Program are many: from expert training, joint collateral, co-marketing, and co-selling, it offers even access to development instances, product roadmaps, and support.

As a leading Ad partner program, Marketo has quite a concise offering to put on the table. You can join the marketing agency partner program as a technology partner or as a digital services partner.

The Marketo agency partner program is all about driving more top-of-the-funnel activity for clients, through both inbound and outbound marketing programs.

20. Contentools Agency Partner Program 

Contentools’s Pilot Partner Program is for agencies that want to scale their Content Marketing services. The partnership is all about managing customer content at scale – as well as the resources to hire freelancers whenever needed.

The tool also integrates with WordPress, HubSpot COS, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Zapier. Besides, agencies can add their customer into the workflow so that they can keep track of what’s going on and approve content before it’s published.

Wrapping Up

The perks of joining a Marketing Agency Partner Program are many. Stating the obvious here, but companies need tools. That is a fact. And most companies also need help to choose, set-up, and use these tools.

It’s a road that only goes up, people!

Clare Zacharias

Content Marketer at SurveySparrow.

A sort of Jill-of-all-trades! Enchanted with storytelling, fascinated with startup life.

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