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How To Add Terms And Conditions Checkbox To Your Survey?


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4 June 2024

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Insurance papers, signing up for a new application, and discount offers.

Can you guess the common part between these three?

Let us give you a hint. Without agreeing to this common aspect, you won’t get your insurance and discount offers, and cannot complete the sign-up process.

Got it? Great.

So the answer is…(drumrolls)… terms and conditions.

In today’s day and age, where the legality of things matters a lot, terms and conditions play a vital role, both for seller and buyer parties.

It’s pivotal for surveys, too, as it collects crucial data that has to come cleanly. The terms and conditions checkbox does that, and this article is all about.

Can’t wait to start? Well, same here. So, let’s begin.

What Exactly Are Terms And Conditions?

In extremely simple words, terms and conditions are a contract between your business and customers, both existing and potential. It details the rights and responsibilities that users must abide by to use your website, product, or mobile application.

The terms and conditions checkbox for surveys and the major clause in it is about the use of collected survey data. The respondents, before starting, agree that they’ll let the survey-takers use the would-be-collected data.

There are other minor clauses in it, too, and our team’s up to discuss that with you.

How To Add The Terms And Conditions Checkbox in a Survey?

At SurveySparrow, we’ve always kept user consent our priority since we don’t wanna let ourselves and our clients use anything that the respondents haven’t approved.

On the flip side, when someone clicks on a survey’s terms and conditions checkbox, he is giving full approval to use the would-be-generated data. So, acceptance of terms and conditions brings both the parties, us (acting on behalf of our clients) and the respondents, on the same page regarding the usage of collected data.

As you can see from here, as soon as you are at “Build”, you’ll see all question types in the survey design process. And out of these, there’s one stating ‘Consent/Agreement’ to get the terms and conditions checkbox. Put all your questions first, and then click on this question type to get a T&C checkbox at the end of a survey.

Can it get easier than this? Well, compared to those survey tools that make it extremely difficult to find this checkbox, SurveySparrow is head and shoulders above.

5 Reasons Why Terms And Conditions Are So Crucial

Terms and conditions are crucial, but why? Well, we have not just one but 5 reasons for it. Here they are;

#1 Helps Build Trust

The terms and conditions clauses give your business a degree of professionalism that can be trusted upon. Transparency about how the company will use survey data increases customer confidence, satisfaction, and trust in you and your business.

#2 Limit All Liability

Having terms and conditions ensures that everyone attempting your survey or visiting the website knows the outlining rules for all services and content. So when a respondent clicks on the terms and conditions checkbox, it reduces the chance of legal action against your company, in case he doesn’t agree to the rules later. That’s how it limits all liability for the company.

#3 Everyone’s Rights

A terms and conditions agreement isn’t just good for the company but for the users, too. In case a respondent feels his data was used wrongly or to give a wrong message, he can drag the company to court using his rights from the terms and conditions agreement.

#4 Avoid Abuse

The Terms and Conditions contract includes clauses outlining the rules of conduct that all users or respondents must adhere to while using your site or taking your survey. This includes clear clauses on providing false information, impersonating another person, unauthorized advertising, spamming, stealing content, or attempting to upload harmful computer codes or viruses along with other types of abusive conduct.

#5 Enforcement of Policies

Having an agreed statement of use in your terms and conditions contract allows you to enforce policies to determine if there has been a breach of contract that warrants legal action.

The Choice Is Yours

There you have it. You know what terms and conditions exactly are, how to add them to your survey using SurveySparrow, and the 5 massive reasons for using such a checkbox. But add this checkbox wherever you think it can add value. Because, as you’ve already seen, the value addition is immense.

The choice is yours, then. Whether you use an “I agree to the terms and conditions” checkbox or not is completely up to you and your team’s discussion and strategy. All we know is that you’ll make a fitting choice!

P.S. – For any questions or help, talk to us anytime you wish to. We’re here for you. Ciao.


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