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100+ Restaurant Survey Questions for Guest Feedback +Free Template


23 May 2024

5 min read

Did you know that 72% of consumers trust a local business more if it has positive reviews? This is particularly significant in the restaurant industry, where 61% of consumers read online reviews more than for any other business type. Additionally, 90% of guests research a restaurant online before dining and 57% view restaurant websites before deciding.

So, Why Measure Restaurant Feedback?

In the restaurant industry, from owners to managers and marketers, understanding the importance of customer feedback is crucial. Actively seeking and evaluating this feedback goes beyond mere politeness; it’s a strategic approach to achieving success.

By implementing a comprehensive Restaurant Feedback Survey equipped with thoughtfully designed questions, restaurateurs can unlock valuable insights into customer preferences, menu favorites, service quality, restaurant operations, and areas for improvement, ultimately shaping a more delightful dining experience.

In this article, we’ve listed the best restaurant survey questions you can include in your restaurant feedback survey questionnaire.

Before we get started, if you need a restaurant feedback form that’s free to use for collecting responses, feel free to use the survey form provided below.

Try our restaurant survey template below!

Well, here are the 5 restaurant survey questions I’ll cover in this blog. Please jump into the sections that you prefer reading first! 

100+ Restaurant survey questions to ask your guests

Here are the 5 categories of questions you can include in your restaurant survey:

General Restaurant Survey Questions

  1. What age group do you belong to?
  2. Was this your first time visiting or ordering from our restaurant?
  3. When did you visit our restaurant for the first time?
  4. How did you discover our restaurant?
  5. How often do you visit our restaurant?
  6. Did you use any of our discounts or special offers?
  7. How likely are you to return to or order from our restaurant?
  8. Do you find our restaurant family-friendly?
  9. Are our work hours convenient for you?
  10. How far did you travel to visit us today?
  1. If ______ (new service or product such as a new dish or a new, better way to order online)
  2. Were an option, would you try it out? 
  3. Do you think our restaurant would be a good choice for a celebration?
  4. Are you a member of our loyalty program?
  5. How can we better serve you in the future?
  6. What was your overall impression of the restaurant atmosphere?
  7. What was your favorite part of your experience at our restaurant?
  8. How likely are you to recommend our restaurant to your friends and family?
  9. What was your least favorite part of your experience at our restaurant?
  10. What is the one thing that we could improve?
  11. Is there anything we could do to make our restaurant a more friendly place?
  12. Do you have any other general feedback for us?

Food & Drink Experience

  1. How would you rate the value of our food?
  2. What did you like best about our menu?
  3. Did you feel the restaurant accommodated your dietary preferences & restrictions?
  4. Was our menu varied enough to satisfy your preferences?
  5. Were you satisfied with our drink menu?
  6. Was there anything missing from our menu?
  7. Is there anything you’d want to see on our menu that’s missing?
  8. Do you find our menu has something for everyone?
  9. How would you rate the range of options on our menu?
  10. How would you rate the number of food choices on our menu?
  11. Did the menu describe our food items well?
  12. Is there something you would like to see on our menu?
  13. Did you order alcoholic beverages?
  14. What was the best part of the meal?
  15. What was the worst part of the meal?
  16. How would you rate the presentation of your meal?
  17. Was the preparation of your meal satisfactory?
  18. How would you rate the portion size?
  19. How would you rate the value of the beverages?
  20. Is there anything about our food you would improve, and if so, what?
  21. Is there anything about our beverages you would improve, and if so, what?

Customer Service Questions

  1. Was the staff friendly and welcoming?
  2. How was the speed of service?
  3. Did your server recommend any of our menu specials?
  4. Did the server ask whether you’d like to see the dessert menu and/or have a cup of coffee at the end of your meal?
  5. If there were any issues, did your server handle them well?
  6. Did your drinks come out fast enough?
  7. Did your server check in on you to see if you needed anything during your meal?
  8. How long did you have to wait before being seated at your table?
  9. Did the host greet you upon arrival?
  10. How long did it take to be greeted upon arrival?
  11. Was your table clean when you were seated?
  12. Did the server answer questions about the menu to your satisfaction?
  13. Was your server attentive?
  14. Did your server anticipate your needs?
  15. Did the service feel rushed?
  16. Were courses spaced out well?
  17. Did bussers clear the table between courses?
  18. Was water refilled in a timely manner?
  19. Did you get new silverware between courses?
  20. Was your server friendly?
  21. Did the manager visit your table and conduct a satisfaction check?
  22. Did our staff meet your needs and expectations?
  23. How would you rate your server’s knowledge of the menu?
  24. Who was your server today?
  25. How would you rate the service throughout your meal?
  26. How would you rate the overall experience?
  27. Is there anything about the customer service experience you would improve, and if so, what?

Restaurant Facilities & Ambiance

  1. Was it easy to find our restaurant?
  2. Did you have any trouble parking your vehicle?
  3. If we offered a valet service, would you use it?
  4. Were the bathrooms & other facilities clean?
  5. Was the hand sanitizer available for your use?
  6. How was the lighting level?
  7. How was the music volume?
  8. Were the seats and tables comfortable?
  9. If you use a wheelchair, did you find the staff and facilities accommodating?
  10. If you require accommodations for a disability, was the space accessible to your needs?
  11. For customers with disabilities, is there anything we could do to improve accessibility?
  12. Which three adjectives best describe the ambiance of the restaurant when you visited?
  13. Was the space welcoming?
  14. How noisy was the space?
  15. Was the space clean and organized?
  16. Were you satisfied with the covid-19 safety precautions our restaurant had taken?
  17. Were all of the restaurant staff wearing masks?
  18. Did the restaurant have a family-friendly atmosphere?
  19. How would you rate the accessibility of our restaurant?
  20. How would you rate the atmosphere in terms of noise level, temperature, etc.?
  21. Is there anything about our facilities you would improve, and if so, what?

Tech & Equipment Related Questions

  1. Did you enjoy viewing our menu on your phone?
  2. Was our checkout system efficient & easy to use?
  3. Did you enjoy using our handheld checkout system and/or kiosk?
  4. Would you prefer to pay your check through your server or using a handheld checkout system?
  5. If you ordered online, how quickly did your food arrive?
  6. How long did you wait for the food to arrive?
  7. If you ordered online, did the food appear and taste fresh when it arrived?
  8. Which online ordering provider did you use?
  9. Was it easy to navigate through the website?
  10. How would you rate the reservation process in terms of ease?
  11. Was your food at the right temperature when it arrived?
  12. Was the packaging seal still intact when you opened the package?
  13. How would you rate the food packaging?
  14. Is there anything about the online ordering experience you would improve, and if so, what?
  15. Have you had a feeling that the use of our checkout system threatened your identity theft protection?

Final thoughts

Restaurant surveys help you understand how your restaurant customers feel about the services you provide at your restaurant.

When done right, these surveys can help you improve the experience your customers have at your restaurant and grow your restaurant faster. We hope this article will help you create an effective restaurant questionnaire.

How to Effortlessly Measure Restaurant Feedback?

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