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How to Create a Support Ticketing System the Easy Way


Last Updated:  

12 June 2023

3 min read

Wondering how to create a support ticketing system for your helpdesk?

“Hi Team, there seems to be an issue with my email triggers. Can you look into it ASAP?”

Imagine receiving a customer query like this and leaving it unattended for days. Well, more often than not, the customer-facing teams miss such customer tickets if there isn’t a robust support ticketing system in place.

In this blog, we’ll teach you how to create an online ticketing system to resolve customer queries or requirements.

What is a Support Ticketing System?

Customers needn’t always get in touch with you to raise queries. But, when they do, it’s always better to have a support ticket system that does the job for you. A ticketing system bridges the gap between the customers and a company and helps teams solve the complaints or queries as proposed by the customer.

Now, the customers can reach out to you over social media, live chatbots embedded on your websites, or the age-old way of phone calls. So, every time there’s an interaction between a customer and a customer service representative, the term ‘support ticket’ comes into play.

No matter how it happens, you’ve got to close the customer feedback loop to establish strong and cordial customer relationships.

So how do you create a support ticketing system?

How Do You Create a Support Ticket System? (Using SurveySparrow as an Example)

A carefully curated online ticketing system helps you manage multiple customer conversations at the same time. And we, at SurveySparrow, have added a Ticket Management feature to close the feedback loop – be it for customers or employees (yes, you can build an IT ticketing system internal to your organization as well).

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Assume that you have a customer support chatbot to raise requests. Now let’s see how it works.

Step 1: Receiving Customer Requests

When customers raise requests through the chatbot or survey, you get the survey responses in the responses section.

support ticket system - responses

Step 2: Creating a Support Ticket

Create a support ticket against any response by providing a brief description of the customer’s request or query.

creating support ticket

Step 3: Tracking & Analyzing the Tickets

  • View, track & analyze every support ticket raised.
  • Select a particular ticket and set the priority as High, Medium, or Low. Assign the ticket to a specific team/team member and follow up with them.

You can also check the status of the raised ticket and the due date from a dropdown list.

Step 4: Close the Feedback Loop

  • Share private notes with your team and communicate with them till the issues are resolved.
  • Improve customer satisfaction and close the feedback loop.

Step 5: Set Email Notifications

  • Trigger email notifications when you assign a ticket.
  • Also, receive emails when a ticket has been reassigned to different team members and when it has been resolved.

email notifications support ticket

Benefits of Support Ticketing System

  • Improve customer satisfaction and relationships when the suggestions or queries are resolved real quick.
  • Provide instant solutions and a seamless customer experience.
  • Resolve plentiful client queries and solve the support tickets on the go.
  • Gather actionable insights from customers and drive business decisions.
  • Reduce support ticket backlogs, assign them to the right teams, and improve the ticket resolution time.
  • Personalize customer communications by providing a user-friendly ticket system experience.
  • Centralize all the customer queries and requests.
  • Track, analyze, and resolve the client suggestions using built-in tracking.


What is a Support Ticket Software?

A Support Ticket Software is a system that helps bridge the gap between the customer and the customer service representatives. It lets your customers raise queries and complaints in the form of support tickets which then can be assigned to respective teams to resolve.

What makes a good support ticket?

Crisp subject lines, a detailed description of the query/complaint, and a deadline to address the issue make a good support ticket.


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