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SoGoLytics vs. SurveyPlanet: A Comparison

Kate Williams

14 June 2023

5 min read

Online surveys are essential for businesses seeking customer, employee, and stakeholder feedback. With so many online survey platforms available, it can be challenging to determine which one is best suited for your needs. This article will compare two popular survey tools, SoGoLytics and SurveyPlanet.


SoGoLytics is an end-to-end survey platform that offers a range of features, including:

  • Unlimited surveys and questions
  • Secure data storage and SSL encryption
  • A diverse range of question types, including multi-select, text boxes, radio buttons, Likert scales, like/dislike, ratings, and dropdowns
  • Social media publishing to help reach a wider audience
  • A template bank for creating surveys more quickly
  • Multiple pricing plans, including a free version


  • SoGoLytics is a powerful online survey tool with many strengths. One of its most significant advantages is its free version, which includes an impressive range of features many other survey tools don’t offer. 
  • The unlimited number of surveys and questions benefits businesses that must create surveys regularly and on a large scale. This feature alone makes SoGoLytics an excellent choice for companies seeking an online survey tool that can handle their needs.
  • Another strength of SoGoLytics is its robust security features. The platform offers secure data storage and SSL encryption, which protects participants’ information from unauthorized access. This is a crucial feature for businesses that need to collect sensitive information from their target audience.
  • SoGoLytics also offers diverse question types, including multi-select, text boxes, radio buttons, Likert scales, like/dislike, ratings, and dropdowns. This enables businesses to gather detailed participant feedback and insights and analyze their data effectively.
  • Furthermore, SoGoLytics offers social media publishing, which helps businesses reach a wider audience and increase their response rates. This feature is handy for companies seeking to connect with their target audience on social media platforms.
  • Finally, SoGoLytics offers multiple pricing plans, including a free version, which provides businesses with flexibility and scalability. This allows companies to choose the best method for their needs and budget.

Overall, SoGoLytics’ impressive features and security measures make it an excellent choice for businesses seeking a powerful online survey tool. Its user-friendly interface and scalability make it a perfect option for businesses of all sizes, including major brands like Apple, IBM, Marriott, and Sony.


  • While SoGoLytics has many strengths, businesses should consider a few weaknesses. 
  • One of the most significant drawbacks of the platform is its pricing plans, which can be relatively expensive compared to other survey tools. This may make SoGoLytics less accessible to small businesses or those with limited budgets.
  • Another area for improvement of SoGoLytics is its user interface, which can be challenging to navigate. 
  • While the platform offers many powerful features, some users may need help utilizing them effectively due to its interface. This may require additional training or support for users new to the platform or less familiar with online survey tools.
  • SoGoLytics’ templates and themes are less extensive than other survey tools. This may limit the customization options for businesses seeking to create surveys that align with their branding or visual identity.
  • Despite these weaknesses, SoGoLytics remains a powerful online survey tool many well-known brands use. 
  • Its robust security features, diverse question types, and social media publishing capabilities make it an excellent option for businesses seeking insights and feedback from their target audience. 
  • However, businesses should carefully consider their budget and the level of technical expertise required to use the platform effectively before committing to it.

Ideal Users:

SoGoLytics is ideal for businesses that must create numerous surveys regularly and require robust features.


SurveyPlanet is another popular survey tool that offers a variety of features, including:

  • Unlimited surveys, questions, and responses
  • More than 30 languages
  • The ability to embed surveys on your website or share them via social media
  • Ten survey themes
  • Several pricing plans, including a free version


  • SurveyPlanet is a powerful survey tool with several strengths that make it a popular choice for individuals and businesses. One of the most notable strengths of SurveyPlanet is its free version, which offers a range of valuable features that other survey tools often charge for. 
  • For example, SurveyPlanet’s free version allows users to create unlimited surveys, questions, and responses, making it an ideal choice for businesses that need to collect feedback from a large audience.
  • Another strength of SurveyPlanet is its support for over 30 languages, which makes it an excellent choice for businesses with a global reach.
  • This feature allows companies to collect feedback from customers and stakeholders worldwide in their native language, which can be a significant advantage when understanding and responding to customer needs.
  • Besides its language support, SurveyPlanet offers several customization options, including ten survey themes that users can choose from to match their branding or style. 
  • The tool also allows users to embed surveys on their websites or share them via social media, making it easy to reach a wider audience.

Overall, SurveyPlanet is an excellent choice for a powerful and flexible survey tool. Its free version is particularly appealing to businesses on a tight budget. At the same time, its support for multiple languages and customization options make it a versatile choice for companies with a global audience.


  • Despite its many strengths, SurveyPlanet has some weaknesses that potential users should know. 
  • One of these areas for improvement is the limited number of templates and themes available in the tool. Compared to other survey tools on the market, SurveyPlanet’s options for customization may be more limited. This could disadvantage users looking for a highly specialized or unique survey design.
  • Another potential weakness of SurveyPlanet is its user interface. While the tool is generally easy, some users may need help navigating the interface. This could challenge users new to survey tools or who need to create complex surveys with multiple question types.
  • While SurveyPlanet is a powerful and feature-rich survey tool, some users may have better choices. Its limited customization options and potentially confusing interface may be a drawback for some users, especially those who need a highly specialized or unique survey design. 
  • However, for users who prioritize unlimited surveys and multilingual support, SurveyPlanet is still a strong choice.

Ideal Users:

SurveyPlanet is ideal for businesses seeking to create surveys in multiple languages or requiring a straightforward and user-friendly survey tool.

The Verdict

SoGoLytics and SurveyPlanet are both survey tools that offer free versions with unlimited surveys, questions, and responses. However, there are some notable differences between the two.

SoGoLytics has a broader range of question types than SurveyPlanet. In addition to the standard question types like multiple choice and open-ended questions, SoGoLytics offers advanced options like matrix and ranking questions. This can be particularly useful for businesses that need to conduct more complex surveys.

SoGoLytics also has more robust social media publishing options, which can be a valuable feature for businesses that want to reach a wider audience through platforms like Facebook and Twitter. 

SurveyPlanet, on the other hand, has a more straightforward user interface and language capabilities, making it a good choice for businesses requiring an easy-to-use survey tool.

Another difference is the level of customization offered. SoGoLytics allows users to fully customize the design of their surveys, while SurveyPlanet has more limited options for customization.

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Wrapping Up

Ultimately, the choice between SoGoLytics and SurveyPlanet will depend on the specific needs of a business or organization. Those who require more advanced question types and social media publishing options may find SoGoLytics the better choice. 

At the same time, those who prioritize ease of use and simple customization may prefer SurveyPlanet.

SoGoLytics and SurveyPlanet are excellent online survey tools offering many valuable features. However, the best choice for your business depends on your specific needs. 

We recommend trying both platforms to see which one works best for you. 

Regardless of your choice, online surveys are critical for gaining insights into your target audience and improving your business’s performance.

Kate Williams

Content Marketer at SurveySparrow

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