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Rybbon <> SurveySparrow Integration For Customer Reward Programs

Kaushik Vikram Balaji

13 October 2021

4 min read

Who wouldn’t love rewards?

As the world of businesses has wholly transformed into digital, it’s never been so critical to startle the most valuable ones with rewards and recognitions at every stage of their experience journey.

From conducting customer reward programs to surprising customers with gift coupons and rewarding the best employees on recognizing their efforts, creating a delightful experience for employees and customers has become increasingly crucial for businesses to sustain in this digital age.

Oftentimes, it’s sheer gratitude to one’s valuable contribution that takes your business to places. What if you can quickly transform your thank-yous into a successful reward program? And that’s exactly what Rybbon Survey integration does for you.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Rybbon Survey Integration

SurveySparrow integration with Rybbon lets you send rewards and recognitions to the users directly from the survey responses and thereby helping you increase the survey response rates. The integration promises a seamless experience for customers and employees through rewards at every touchpoint of their user journey.

It further enables you to:

  • Distribute coupons and e-gift cards in multiple currencies directly from survey responses
  • Increase survey completion rates by having the respondents happily participate in the survey
  • Create a positive and delightful experience for both customers and employees that would make them feel valued.

Let’s dive deeper into the use cases of how effectively you can rely on Rybbon Survey integration.

Use Case 1: Customer Rewards Program

Customers are the most valuable assets for any organization to flourish steadily. A happy customer can be a brand advocate, a promoter, a mentor, and someone who helps the company with regular feedback, thereby promising mutual growth for both parties.

Not just this, they will also be willingly ready to talk all good things about your product or service across social media, as their primary goal is to help your business grow successfully.

However, it’s super challenging to make customers happy with everything you do. There will be criticism, negative feedback, and words of vulnerability being used on your brand. But that’s okay.

If your ultimate goal is to thrive amidst all pessimism and emerge as a successful company, taking them all as constructive feedback will be the only option you should choose to go with.

To roll out a customer rewards program using SurveySprrow and Rybbon, you can sign up for FREE here!

Focusing on the positive side

There are still good customers who are ready to pour in feedback, support, and help your brand grow amidst all the challenges. It’s high time that you acknowledge them for all the help they provided and keep them happy.

It’s good to keep an open ear to all their feedback and regularly work on getting it done as these are the customers who are sticking with your business, with a plethora of options available to them.

Not just a direct impact on your business revenue, a customer loyalty program will help you:

  • Establish a successful relationship with your customers
  • Increase the lifetime value of your customers
  • Reach new customers and grow your business at scale
  • Reduce customer churn and drive increasing profits

If you wonder how the Rybbon Survey integration would help you with the customer rewards program, here’re some of the ideas.

  • Got intriguing feedback from your customers that would allow sustainable growth for your business? Reward them with an e-gift
  • Have they helped you uncover a security issue that you’re not even aware of? Send them a gift coupon without any second thought.
  • Love reaching new customers? It’s time to run a customer referral program and roll out the gift coupons you saved for your customers.
  • Have they posted a positive review about your brand on social media or any third-party review platform? Send them a coupon card right away.

Use Case 2: Employee Recognition Programs

Happy employees are the backbone of a successful business. Engaged employees are more likely to improve customer relationships, resulting in a 20% increase in sales. Also, employees who feel their voices heard are 4.6 times more likely to feel empowered to perform the best at work. (Source: Smarp)

With all these amazing insights in place, how are you making the most of it? Think not. Reward the top performers of your organization, right now!

If you wonder how it benefits your business, here’re some of the reasons.

Employee rewards,

  • Create a sense of accomplishment for employees
  • Make employees feel valued at work
  • Reduce employee turnover and attrition rates
  • Create a happy and a positive workspace
  • Increases the time that they would choose to work with you

Need some ideas? There you go,

  • Have an employee who helped you solve a critical problem? Reward them with a gift coupon.
  • Have they helped you find a massive bug and fixed it on time? You vouch for a reward as a token of appreciation.
  • Has an employee come up with a mind-blowing idea that’s helping the business make real good money? Please take the time to reward them for their effort and dedication.
  • Have your employees been consistently performing well and exceeding their expectations? It’s a good idea to conduct a peer-to-peer recognition program and reward your best employees without any delay.

And here’s your one-stop guide for more ideas on conducting successful employee rewards and recognition program.

Wrapping it up on a happier note…

If you haven’t tried out a customer loyalty program or an employee recognition program at your company, it’s a big time that you execute one. On the whole, rewarding the employees and customers have endless benefits that positively impact your business. Though not suddenly, being consistent with the rewards program allows you to measure steady progress and rise in the metrics.

Good luck! Happy rewarding and happy growing!

Kaushik Vikram Balaji


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