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How To Use Matrix Questions In Your Online Surveys?

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The more structure you add to your survey, the better responses are expected. A monotonous survey will have less or no answer. Hence, designing an engaging one is essential.

Wondering how to create such engaging surveys?! Well, it is easy!

SurveySparrow provides you with the right features and question types to make the most out of your survey. Yes! You heard us right! Question Type. An engaging survey is not just about the features. Choosing the correct type of questions plays a vital role too!

Though most people tend to include text inputs, MCQ’s, and dropdowns in their surveys, they often tend to miss out on an interesting question type – The matrix question.

What Is A Matrix Question?

A matrix question comprises of rows and columns, like the Likert Scale. We can say that this question type is a collection of multiple-choice questions. While the columns have the preset answers, the rows have the questions.

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When To Use A Matrix Question?

For example, you want to take post-event feedback from your audience. Apart from the usual questions on “How smooth was the registration process?” and “Where did you hear about us?”, you can also ask your audience to rate their experience on specific parameters. Instead of asking 3-4 questions, you can club them in a single question using this type of question.

Types Of Matrix Question

Even though matrix question is usually used for rating, it can also be considered for various other questions like:

  1. Radio Button
  2. Check box
  3. Text input

Here! Have a look!

Radio Button Type
Check Box Type
Check Box Type
Text Input Type
Text Input Type

Advantages Of Matrix Question

The structure of this question type brings in a couple of advantages to the survey.

The format of this question type is such that multiple similar questions can be clubbed together in a table. This saves a lot of time for both the creator and the respondent.

The most crucial advantage while using this question is that it saves the respondent from the monotony of answering similar questions back-to-back, ensuring a higher response rate.

Difference Between A Likert Scale And Matrix Question

It is usually thought that a matrix question is the same as a Likert Scale. In reality, it is just the opposite. A Likert Scale is a specific type of the former. It is used to get feedback in a linear scale format. Whereas, as discussed earlier, a matrix question can be used in multiple formats.

Wrapping it up…

Anyone who is newly introduced to creating surveys will not use this question type in the survey. But, it is advisable to use one to design a powerful survey.

On the other hand, not all survey platform enables you with this question type. Platforms like SurveySparrow provides you with not just this, but many others too!

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