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Jotform Pricing: Is It Better and Worthy?

Kate Williams

16 August 2022

7 min read

Online survey tools like Jotform have become the most necessary attribute of the contemporary digital world. It allows you to get precise results based on your target audience’s responses. They allow you to serve your customers better and increase the productivity and efficiency of your organization. So, we thought of doing a Jotform review for you to help you understand if it is worth all the hype. 

In this blog, we’ll cover:

  1. Jotform Review
  2. Features of Jotform
  3. How much does Jotform Cost — Jotform Pricing
  4. Jotform vs Typeform — Which is Best?
  5. SurveySparrow – A better Jotform Alternative
  6. Top Five Jotform Alternatives of 2022

Jotform Review 

Jotform is one of the beneficiary online survey tools with many user-friendly features. New users would have many queries on selecting Jotform as their primary survey tool. Before choosing Jotform as your primary survey tool, you must know its cost, pricing, features, and services. This Jotform review will help you to understand its features, solutions, pricing, and alternatives. 

What is Jotform? 

Jotform is a prominent online application that enables you to create various online forms. Jotform doesn’t require any coding; you can create form building with its drag-and-drop user interface. You can also integrate your published forms into your websites or blog. The responses from your customers or targeted audiences will be recorded and sent to the respective email. You can create all types of forms like registration, application, contact, request, feedback, etc. 

Jotform home page

Features of Jotform:

Drag-and-drop app builder

Jotform’s online application allows users to build amazing apps in minutes. It provides 300+ application templates, in which users can select their favorite. They can create a real app without a coding background.

Powerful app elements

It has included many ready-to-use elements to elevate and enrich the usage of the applications. You can add forms, present images, share documents, and collect data with the Jotform application. You can even use redirect links with your audience.

 70+ app widgets

 Jotform login helps to take your app to a higher position. It has over 70 app widgets; you can use them to elevate your app boundaries and standards. You can acquire these widgets in just a few clicks. Drag and drop your preferred widgets like checklists, videos, maps, social media links, and more.  

 Flexible app designer

 You can build your application by selecting any templates, or you can even develop it from scratch. Jotform login provides thematic customization tools; you can customize your app in seconds. Immediate brand recognition requires a better design to attract the targeted audience.

Payments on any device 

You can also use your Jotform-made applications for E-Commerce. Jotform allows users to connect their app with over 30 payment gateways, including, PayPal, Square, and Stripe. Users can use it to collect payments for orders, fees, donations, and more.

How much does Jotform Cost — Jotform Pricing 

Jotfrom has been advertised as a free online form builder. The users can indeed opt to stay within the free plan, but Jotform Pricing has monthly plans with unlimited forms and submissions. Jotform has 5 different pricing plans; they are as follows: 

Starter – The starter plan includes limited features with a $0 price. The users can only own 5 forms, with 100 monthly submissions. Users are provided with 100 MBs of short storage 

Bronze – The JotForm pricing for this plan is $29, which includes 25 forms, 1000 monthly submissions, and 1GB of storage space.

Silver – The Silver plan requires a monthly subscription of $39. It gives access to 50 forms, 2500 monthly submissions, and 10 GBs of storage space. 

Gold – Users have to pay $99 for this monthly plan. It includes up to 100 forms; users can submit 10000 forms in a month. This Gold plan also provides 100 GBs of space. 

Enterprise – This plan is a multiuser platform with unlimited features; Jotform provides custom domain, white labeling, and priority real-time support with user management. 

Jotform Pricing is also available on a Yearly subscription with elite packages. It is an excellent online survey tool, but still, Jotform cost will bring limitations to the starter plan users. The subscription amount will be high for upcoming users and business administrators. Most people use Jotform for archiving, collaboration tools, and retention. It might not be the right choice for you. The users’ priorities will be the value of money, affordability, ease of use, and user rating. So, what’s the better replacement for the Jotform application to ignite your online survey services?

SurveySparrow – A better Jotform Alternative

Jotform alternative - surveysparrow

You would be confused to choose the correct option for the best online survey tool. But the choices are not completely given. There is one Jotform alternative that you can trust and rely on, it is SurveySparrow. SurveySparrow is an end-to-end omnichannel experience management platform. It collects customers’ experiences and employee experiences with its unique tools and features. SurveySparrow provides NPS Software, Offline Survey, and Chatbot for website, Panel, API, and 360 Assessment. 

We’ll give you more reasons. 

  1. SurveySparrow converts survey into conversation, the conversational UI program delivers your surveys a chat-like experience. Your customers won’t be bothered to fill out their surveys. The conversational type surveys are highly engaging, mobile-first, user friendly.
  2. SurveySparrow is the better alternative to Typeform. Typeform can never withstand the features of SurveySparrow. Its chat-like surveys can switch from static to dynamic conversations. Offline surveys will allow people from remotest places to fill their feedback internet-free. 360-degree assessments will evaluate your employee performances across various competencies and create personal development plans for them. 
  3. SurveySparrow will serve as the perfect online survey tool for your business. It gives special care to your enterprise. There will be variations between big-scale and small-scale companies. SurveySparrow provides consistent features and solutions to all its customers. You can clarify your queries with our experienced team members. Our state-of-the-art technologies and solutions provide an omnichannel experience management platform. You can still visit the top five Jotform alternatives that are listed below.

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Jotform vs Typeform — Which is Best? 

Thorough research is much needed for selecting your online survey tool because it decides your business analytics. Typeform is also a critical survey tool, which offers design, people-friendly forms, quizzes, surveys, and asynchronous solutions. You can create a personal experience for your customers, creating brand recognition and accelerating your growth. Comparing two products will help us to pick the better product. We can compare Jotform and Typeform to evaluate their features and elements.  

Let’s start with price comparison details. Both Jotform and Typeform has free trial version. Users can check the services by using the trial version; they can switch to a monthly subscription if they are satisfied with their services. Typeform cost starts from 29$ per month. 

For what purposes Jotform and Typeform can be used? Both online forms have a few distinct features that divert their uses across the enterprises. For example, Jotform can be used in a large enterprise with 1000+ users. It is broadly used by Design Enthusiasts, NGOs, Market research Companies, and Freelancers. On the other hand, Jotform is used in business, non-profit, or work in education or healthcare. 

After using Jotform and Typeform, many users can share their feedback about them. There are both Pros and Cons to their function. Typeform provides enumerated features only for premium users; for others, it is locked behind a paywall. Building a long and complex form will create lagging on the Typeform interface. 

Jotform has also received negative reviews from its customers. The user’s mail would be saved in the client’s SPAM folder, which brings a suspicion as Jotform would also be a SPAM. Some customers’ mail would be crashed, again they have to fill all the details from the beginning. This will break the relationship between the marketers and customers, they would be irritated to refill their form.  

Top Five Jotform Alternatives to Use in 2022

1. SurveySparrow

surveysparrow - jotform alternative
SurveySparrow – A better Jotform Alternative
  • SurveySparrow is a better Jotform alternative.
  • Jotform only creates online applications that have no engaging features in them. The users will shift their view to other online tools if it’s not productive.
  • With the preconceived notion, select SurveySparrow as your primary survey tool, which brings effectiveness and productivity.
  • SurveySparrow provides equal features for all users. Enterprise can make use of the scalability of SurveySparrow.  

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2. Pardot/MCAE

  • Pardot is a marketing automation solution that enables marketers to identify their targeted customers who are most likely to transform.
  • Pardot acquires customers’ interests by communicating in the right way.
  • Pardot’s marketing automation treats each audience as an individual. Pardot can be used under different marketing preferences.
  • Pardot allows the users to perform Email Marketing, form creation, engagement history, segmentation, scoring, grading, social media marketing, search marketing, multichannel marketing, etc. 


  • is created to help users create, manage and gather forms.
  • It is a mobile form automation solution. It provides customizable form creation for different industries.
  • allows the users to transit their paper-based works to mobile devices.
  • offers audits, inspections, field operations, and data collection solutions. It provides user-based functions based on their roles.
  • The main features of are data collection, field operations, inspections, mobile audits, forms automation, offline access, custom reports, etc.

4. Zoho Forms

  • Zoho Forms is an online form builder that stores data on the cloud.
  • With its drag and drop form builder, it is compatible with all mobile devices.
  • It offers native mobile applications for both iOS and Android devices. Zoho forms provide in-built customizable tools and themes that allows users to create task assignment, approval workflows, and simple mobile forms.
  • Some important attributes of Zoho forms are intuitive web and mobile form builder, field and form rules, graphical tracking analytics, offline mobile apps, task assignments, etc. 

5. Wufoo

  • Wufoo is a web application that builds amazing online forms for users.
  • It enables the users to collect and understand their received data easily and fast.
  • Wufoo automatically builds the database, backend, and scripts that are needed to collect and store the data. It is an easy-to-use survey tool to create and build forms, it doesn’t require any coding or programming. It also integrates with other applications like MailChimp, Dropbox, Zapier, Salesforce, WordPress, and more. Users can share the data and information on other applications. 

6. ProntoForms

  • It is specially designed for enterprises that allow the workers to complete their work like inspections, audits, and other tasks.
  • It is one of the important mobile form apps in enterprise-grade.
  • ProntoForms’ product is a low-code application for workers and technicians to collect, share, and receive data with mobile devices.
  • This application also consists of a drag-and-drop form builder. ProntoForms application is available for both iOS and Android and Windows mobile devices. 


Kate Williams

Content Marketer at SurveySparrow

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