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Halloween Haunted House Escapade: 2019

Aiswarya Menon

31 October 2019

2 min read

So it’s the time of the year where pumpkin is the king of vegetables! 

Hey c’mon, we at least do so much! The non-magic people don’t fancy pumpkin juice every day as the wand-holders. Speaking of witches and wizards, it’s Halloween! Yay! 

So kids go knock-knocking door after door for some treat, mighty oblivious to the sinister forces lurking in the shadows. The glare of a black cat, the hoot of a yellow-eyed owl, the howl of a lone wolf… yes, you guessed it right, I’m trying to paint a picture of the true Halloween night. Hopefully, you had the BGM of badgering bats and an old, frail witch’s cackle while reading this! 

I don’t want to sound cheesy, but a black cat sure did cross the path when we were discussing Halloween in the parking lot. Our cue? The spirits have given us the nod to do something exciting! 

And thus, Haunted House Escapade was born! 

It’s ridiculously simple. You enter the haunted house. Find your way through the attic and chambers, and come out alive… Will you?

Not so fast. You aren’t alone over there. This house is the home to the most vicious witch known to man- Helena. Age has had her bent like a horseshoe, adorned with silver hair and uneven yellow-canines. She roams the basement on a broom and guards a barricaded door. What’s behind the door? No idea. Perhaps, the key to her immortality or the source of her dark powers? We’re counting on you to explore and tell us. 

Tip: Stand still if you encounter her; the old eyes are fragile to spot movements. Also, remain silent. Only her eyes are weak, not ears! 

The witch has trapped a bunch of spirits inside the house. Over time, they have become malevolent… just like she wanted. Answer the questions that they ask you. Don’t worry, you are safe as long as you keep answering. 

The escape route is in the attic. You must reach there somehow. But, the attic is home to squealing banshees. Run when you hear their sound. And, the witch’s evil cat strolls through the attic every now and then. 

Tip: Don’t be alarmed when you see his glowing eyes that change colors. It’s just the witch’s spell to ward off intruders. But, growl when you see it. Real hard. It scares the bejesus out of him! 

Once you answer the spirits correctly, they won’t be able to trap you inside. Escape through the attic window that leads you to the spiral staircase. When you come out, we have some exclusive gifts to reward your courage. Oh, this is in addition to a flat 66.6% discount until the 6th of November on all our Annual plans! Also, we ask you to hurry up. The reward is for the top 10 bravest daredevils!  

Drop-in a comment below after you escape and tell us what would be behind the guarded door that’s dear to the witch! In case you are trapped, you can always call your friends on Facebookburg & Twitterville to rescue you. 

Remember, the vengeful spirits are looking to trap more souls. So, brush up your Halloween knowledge before entering! 

Set your foot in the house, now! 


Aiswarya Menon

Product Marketer at SurveySparrow.

Happy engineer turned happier writer. Stumbled into the world of writing, irrevocably in love with it!

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