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50+ Brand Awareness Survey Questions to Ask Your Customers

Kate Williams

Last Updated:  

30 May 2024

5 min read

brand awareness survey questionsBrand awareness survey questions help you measure what your potential customers think about your brand, their loyalty, and whether they trust it.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the best brand awareness survey questions you can ask your customers to measure your brand’s market recognition.

Here’s what we’ll cover in this article; feel free to jump to the relevant section:

What is a brand awareness survey?

50+ brand awareness survey questions to ask your target group

4 tips for building an effective brand awareness survey

What is a Brand Awareness Survey?

A brand awareness survey lets you measure your customers’ awareness of your brand. Simply put, it helps you better understand what your customers think of your brand.

With a brand awareness survey, you can learn:

  • What feelings and emotions your customers associate with your brand
  • How loyal your customers are to your brand
  • Whether they share the same values as your brand
  • How much they know about your products and services

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55 Brand Awareness Survey Questions to Ask Your Target Audience

Here are the best brand awareness survey questions to measure your brand awareness:

  1. What brands come to mind when you think of {product category or type}?
  2. When did you last use a {product type or category}?
  3. What is the first brand you think of {product type}?
  4. Which of the following brands have you heard of?
  5. Which brands do you purchase {product type} from?
  6. What brand is the most recognizable in {the product category}?
  7. Which of the following brands make you most happy?
  8. Considering {product type}, which brands would you consider purchasing from in the next six months?
  9. Which of the following things would make you loyal to our brand?
  10. If {brand name} was a person, how would you describe that person?
  11. How did you find out about {the brand name}?
  12. When buying a {product type or category}, which is your top choice?
  13. Which of these aspects led to this choice?
  14. What characteristics or values of our brand make it recognizable?
  15. What makes our brand more recognizable than other competing brands?
  16. Have you seen {brand name}’s advertisements?
  17. Where did you see the advertisements?
  18. How familiar are you with {brand name}’s products and services?
  19. List five words you would choose to describe this brand.
  20. Do you currently use any products or services from any of these brands?
  21. Of all these brands, which do you feel is the market leader?
  22. What about {brand name} makes you feel that way? explain briefly
  23. When buying {product type}, are you the main decision maker?
  24. How often have you used {product type} in the past?
  25. Which of the following messages do you associate with {the brand name}?
  26. What emotions do you feel when considering {the brand name}?
  27. What stood out most from the ads you have seen?
  28. Which of the following traits do you associate with {brand name}?
  29. What company do you turn to when you have {a specific problem}?
  30. Which of the following words describe {the brand name}?
  31. Of the words you selected, how do you feel about each?
  32. How would you describe your level of emotional attachment to {brand name}?
  33. When you think of {brand name}, how do you feel?
  34. When did you first hear about our brand?
  35. How would you describe {brand name} to your friends or colleagues?
  36. How would you describe your last experience with {the brand name}?
  37. Which best describes your last experience with {the brand name}?
  38. Have you purchased our product before?
  39. Which of the following products have you tried?
  40. Have you heard of {brand name} before?
  41. Which of the following types of customers are ideal for our brand?
  42. How was your experience with our product?
  43. Do you currently use our product?
  44. Does any other brand come to mind when you think about our brand?
  45. Where have you seen or heard about our brand in the past three months?
  46. How familiar are you with our brand?
  47. When did you first hear about our brand?
  48. How often did you hear people talking about our brand in the past few months?
  49. How would you describe your overall opinion of our brand?
  50. If you had to describe our brand in three words, what would they be?
  51. How favorably do you think about our brand?
  52. How has your perception of our brand changed over the last few months?
  53. Rank the following values, from the one you think is closest to our brand to the one that is furthest.
  54. How likely would you recommend our brand to your friends or colleagues?

4 Tips for Creating an Effective Brand Awareness Survey Questions

Here are some tips for creating brand awareness surveys that let you effectively measure and track brand awareness

1. Identify Your Ideal Audience

It all starts with who you’d want to take your survey. You need to narrow down your target market. You’d have to target a specific segment within that market with your brand awareness survey. This is the segment that’s best for your brand or product.

2. Ask the Right Questions

Now that you’ve identified the right audience, you need to ask questions that help you determine their thoughts about your brand and whether they know it well enough to use your products and services. Keep your questions relevant to what you want to learn.

3. Start with Unaided Questions

There are two kinds of brand awareness questions: aided and unaided. Both provide insights into how your potential customers recognize your brand. Unaided questions help you identify whether your customers can remember your brand without providing any assistance.

4. Dig Deeper into What Your Audience Thinks about Your Brand

You can dig a little deeper other than learning whether they know your brand and the associations they make with it. Ask more questions to understand how they perceive your brand. You can follow up with open-ended questions to get more feedback from them.

Final thoughts

Do your potential customers know your brand well enough to choose you over your competitors? Or do they even know your brand? When they think about your brand, what do they associate with it? A brand awareness survey can help you answer these questions.

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