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Effective Surveys for Student Engagement: Strategies for Keeping Students Interested

Vismaya Babu

Last Updated:  

3 November 2023

3 min read

Surveys have always been a primary marketing strategy to get to know what people want from a service or a product. Thanks to the Internet, today, it’s 10 times easier to conduct a survey and spread it around. Moreover, such a method is used everywhere, even in schools. In today’s educational landscape, surveys have become a vital tool for enhancing student engagement. Discover how student engagement surveys can significantly impact the learning experience and involve students in shaping their education.

Interestingly, in education, surveys are a way to figure out whether the teaching methods are working. Teachers get feedback from their pupils, which can be used to improve their lessons. However, not many teachers know how to conduct good and engaging examinations. In this article, we’ll go through the simplest strategies to increase student engagement when creating surveys, as well as see some other tips and tricks.

How Do Surveys Engage Students?

It might seem strange, but many schools use surveys to engage students in educational activities. By conducting such a type of study, they are prompted to think about the subject and how it’s taught to them, as well as other seemingly irrelevant parts, like the teacher’s ability to transfer knowledge. 

Many pupils have a lot of assignments, so they often ask for professional help to take off some of the burden. Usually, they turn to the pros to write an essay for them while they focus on other parts of their studies. And it is exactly what they can communicate through a survey. 

Since these polls allow a dash of anonymity, young people are encouraged to participate and voice their issues on a subject or learning matter. In turn, the teacher gets their feedback and works on improving those concerns, resulting in increasing student engagement.

Survey Strategies to Keep Students Interested

There are several reasons to use online surveys for engagement, starting with feedback from them to using it to conduct student assessments. Regardless of what you utilize it for, the poll must be engaging, so you get the desired results. Below are the simplest strategies all teachers use to create a student engagement survey.

Consider the Students’ Objective

What do you want to achieve? Whenever you’re conducting a study of this kind, you need to know what you want to get from it, so you know how to tailor it. It will help you find the targeted group, i.e., the students that would get the most out of it, as well as be engaged.

Let Students Help

If you want to fully get the students on board, consider letting them help in the creation process. It also means allowing them to lend a hand in the design phase. 

There are a lot of survey ideas for students, but it doesn’t mean all fit the end goal or the group you’re working with. Hence, instead of trying different methods on your own, allow the target group to devise it. That way, you’re not only engaging them but learning their forts and merits, as well as what interests them.

Create a Communication Channel

If you want to reach as many people as possible, then you have to create a communication plan. It is another place where the pupils can help. Since they know technology better and all the current trends and social media platforms, engage them in this process, too. Allow them to find different ways to spread around the survey for students – Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, email, etc. 

Student Feedback Is Key

The goal of every survey for students is to learn what they want and think about the current class or an idea. However, don’t just hear them out and leave it at that. All young people feel appreciated if you close the circle on their feedback, meaning you actually take action to use some of it in practice and give your feedback to them as well.

Tips on Creating Engaging Surveys

If you want to work more on increasing student engagement aside from these strategies, here are a few tips:

  • Before the lesson. Once you’ve created the survey, share it with the students before the class begins. This way, you learn more about their expectations.
  • During the lesson. Share the survey mid-lesson so you see what they’ve learned or think about the overall class so far.
  • After the lesson. When you finish the class, survey the students again to see their satisfaction or knowledge.

Last Words: Ways to Keep Students Engaged in a Survey

When conducting surveys, it’s always important to know what you’re doing them for. Is it to learn more about what the students think about a teacher’s methods, or is it about testing their knowledge? In all cases, engagement should be at the core of it. There are actual studies that have proven that engagement matters for students, especially with today’s online classes. A good teacher would definitely know how to best interest their pupils with any type of survey!

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