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10 Best Time Tracking Apps to Look Up in 2024

Athira Unnikrishnan

2 January 2024

7 min read

With more and more companies adopting the remote working model, the need for a time tracking app has reached its zenith.

But should you jump into the bandwagon as well? We would say yes.

Here’s why. The remote model is expected to dominate the future of work and companies ought to establish a proper system to track the productivity of their teams so that the business is not affected in any way. A time tracking app lets you manage your team effortlessly and avoids all sorts of dilemmas associated with productivity management and that’s exactly why we recommend you commence your search for the same.

What is a Time Tracking App?

A time tracking software or app lets you record the time consumed by every task or project, so as to help you manage your time as well as your teams’ to maximize productivity. You can also use time tracking tools to track billable hours for invoicing your clients.

What are the 10 Best Time Tracking Apps of 2023?

Have you started hunting for a time tracker? Then, go nowhere. Just scroll down further. You will find the 10 best time tracking apps that the 2021 market has to offer you. Dive in.

  1. Harvest
  2. Hubstaff
  3. Toggl
  4. Clockify
  5. Tick
  6. TimingApp
  7. TimeCamp 
  8. Desktime
  9. Timely
  10. Time Doctor

1. Harvest

Arguably the most popular time tracking app, Harvest makes time tracking a cinch for their clients. The software makes time tracking possible from almost anywhere at any time of the day, night, month, or even year! You can effortlessly track time from your desktop, phone, or even from your project management tools like Trello, Asana, or Basecamp.

Organize teams or freelance partners by monitoring and tracking the time and expenses of multiple projects via this intuitive time tracker. Why you can even organize your own activities in sync with time and invoice your clients.

Be it your work or the teams’, you can easily gather and combine the timesheet into user-friendly, visual reports in order to visualize and get an in-depth insight into what work is going on, how effectively is it done with respect to time and prevent projects from crossing the budget. When it comes to invoicing, all you have to do is, draft an invoice from the billable time and mail it to your client.

Well, by the looks of it, Harvest is, in fact, both a personal and employee time tracking software that facilitates a hassle-free, methodical work. However, their customers point out that the UI is a bit outdated and a bit of work ought to be put to freshen it up.

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2. Hubstaff

Hubstaff is one of the best employee time tracking software that has a dedicated focus on organizing and tracking employees’ time. The time tracking app now serves around 34,000 remote and field service teams that are part of various areas of work that include e-commerce, construction, and startups.

Hubstaff also lets you track time from desktop, web, or mobile applications. Monitor work in real-time. Track mouse movements, internet usage, find bottlenecks, and identify locations if necessary, with Hubstaff.

The time tracking software also lets you integrate the workflow with more than 30 apps (Trello, Jira, Github, Paypal, etc.) Some of the best features of Hubstaff also include billing and invoicing, offline time tracking, timesheet management, powerful dashboard, in-depth reports, overtime calculation, employee database, and many more.

Overall, Hubstaff does seem to be a decent time tracking software but some of their customers do find it a bit too ‘techy’ due to its sophisticated configuration processes and steep learning curve

3. Toggl

Toggl is a name that you are bound to come across if you are searching for a time tracking software. It is considered as one of the best time tracking app due to its excellent suite of features and commendable intuitiveness. The app is supported by multiple devices which makes time tracking a convenient process for its clients.

Continue tracking a task or start a new time entry using the one-click timers, leverage tracking reminders, integrate your workflow with more than 100 apps, monitor project progress with the insightful visual data of their project dashboard, export robust reports into Excel, CSV or PDFs a or assign billable rates to your projects to ensure yourself a fair pay. Toggl makes all this and more possible.

Toggl would definitely be a wonderful choice for a time tracking app, but it poses some limitations when it comes to customization.

4. Clockify

Clockify is the ultimate free time tracking software that is apt for both freelancers and teams alike. This free time tracker, Clockify, offers you a long list of features and the ability to add unlimited users for an entire lifetime!

You can track the time taken for each project manually or via a timer, monitor employee timesheets, keep track of each project’s progress, and identify the billable hours. The click-free dashboard of Clockify gives you a deep insight into the progress and the time taken for each project as well as the total time taken. That’s not all.

The visual data representation makes it easier for you to track the activities that consumed more time, the live status of the ongoing activities, and a lot more. Clockify also offers features like mobile time tracking, offline time tracking, vacation and leave tracking and timesheet management.

If you are trying to cut back on your expenses, then rest assured, Clockify would be the best choice for a time tracking app.

5. Tick

Tick is a web-based time tracking software that helps organizations manage projects and their budgets efficiently. This easy to use time tracker can be accessed from anywhere, be it your desktop or mobile.

Tick makes facilitates the smooth running of your work by offering integrations with project management software like Basecamp, Trello, and Asana. What’s more? You can even export your time entries to Freshbooks or Quickbooks for making invoicing much easier.

Some of the most popular features of Tick include real-time budget tracking, powerful reporting, mobile time tracking, employee database, timesheet management, online punch card, and many more.

Moreover, the pricing plans of this time tracking software is based on the number of projects only. It means that none of the plans put any restrictions on the number of users. However, their customers don’t seem to be very satisfied with the UI.

6. TimingApp

TimingApp is designed to be the ultimate timing app for freelancers. It’s perfect for keeping track of project deadlines, timing your daily tasks, or even timing your meetings.

There are a million one-time management apps out there. So what makes TimingApp different? Timing differs from other time management software in terms of features, ease of use, and usefulness.

TimingApp has all the features you need to manage your time effectively:

  • Automatic time tracking: Track time without lifting a finger
  • Manual time entries: Giving you full control
  • Call tracking: Never forget to record time for a meeting again
  • Web app: Track time from your phone

TimingApp also has a built-in invoicing feature, you can easily send clients accurate invoices for your work.

7. TimeCamp

Track your employee’s productivity and performance with the advanced time tracking system of TimeCamp. By measuring the time spent on activities, the tool lets you guide your team and distribute activities in such a way that it ensures productivity.

Track projects billable by hours, leverage automatic or one-click visual time tracking, use GPS tracker to track your teams’ location, and time entries for easy online invoicing. Employees are also allowed to track their time and self-monitor in order to improve productivity.

Timecamp can be accessed from multiple devices and can be integrated with various apps like Asana, Jira, Quickbooks, etc. TimeCamp customers also love the robust visual reporting features of the app as it helps them pinpoint the productive and unproductive hours.

However, if we had to point out one downside of the time tracking app, it would be their complex interface. But barring the aforementioned, Timecamp would indeed make a great pick.

8. Desktime

Desktime is more of an employee time tracking app that is fit for organizations and teams. The intuitive time tracking app is focused on three main factors namely, employee monitoring, project management, and productivity analysis.

The time tracking app lets you identify productivity with maximum precision depending on the work that your employees are involved in. You can also set a target for productivity with Desktop.

Desktop, like its counterparts, too, has an excellent suite of features to offer its clients. Some of the best features include daily productivity timeline, visual and downloadable reports, auto screenshots, Pomodoro timer, shift scheduling, absence calendar, and seamless integrations with project management apps. However, the reports of the time tracking software do not seem to be very user-friendly.

9. Timely

Timely is yet another time tracking app that has made it into our list. The tool lets you churn maximum productivity by helping you manage your team’s time effectively. With such a time tracking software in place, you can make sure that everyone’s time is utilized properly.

Timely features automatic time tracking at its best. You can painlessly track time spend on each work and uses AI to quickly convert the tracked data into precise timesheets for billing.

After a while, the app observes and learns how you go about with your activities and gets the time entry draft ready for you. All you have to do is review and finally give a thumbs up! This time tracking software seems to the one for Gen-Z!

Timely claims to support respectful work cultures and therefore does not track mouse movements or capture screenshots or track locations as it can be intrusive. Apart from the slightly complex learning curve, the time tracking app seems to be a decent fit.

10. Time Doctor

Time Doctor is a one-stop solution for both time-tracking and employee monitoring solutions. The tool is an excellent solution to track time and manage the productivity of teams working from home, or offices, or anywhere for that matter. The time tracking software is perfect for teams comprising of up to 500 members.

The main features of the time tracker include productivity analysis, screen activity recording, employee activity monitoring, keystroke recording, employee scheduling, overtime calculation, screenshots, a self-service portal, powerful reporting, and integrations.  Time tracking software also tracks internet usage.

Time Doctor maybe apt if you are into strict employee monitoring and time tracking but on the downside, your employees may find it a bit intrusive.

Winding Up

The aforementioned was our list of the best time tracking apps. These according to us are the best that the market of 2020 has to offer you. But in order to find the best time tracking app for your organization, you need to take a close look at each of the time trackers, compare it with your requirements and then select the best fit. Well, then, happy time tracking!

Athira Unnikrishnan

Content Marketer at SurveySparrow

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