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Best Sales Productivity Tools to Boost Efficiency

Vismaya Babu

Last Updated:  

27 March 2024

5 min read

Today, almost any professional activity can be automated, and sales management is no exception. The more you automate, the more time you have for more creative, challenging tasks that require a human touch.

The right sales tools can greatly enhance productivity. However, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution due to varying business needs

Still, several productivity and automation software services come in handy for most sales processes. They range from CRMs and lead generation to analytics and AI helpers. Below, you can find the top examples in each area. 

Customer Relationship Management 

A CRM is a key productivity investment, yet finding the perfect fit among many options can be tough. Opt for one of the versatile solutions below


HubSpot is renowned for innovative sales tools, ideal for small to mid-sized teams. This CRM syncs with third-party platforms, serving as a comprehensive productivity booster.


ZOHO is a cloud platform aimed at streamlining the sales workflow and automation. It offers lead scoring insights and updates on database changes, enhancing productivity through gamification

SuperOffice CRM

SuperOffice CRM, though less known than ZOHO or HubSpot, boosts productivity with various features for customer engagement and information flow. Its prospecting tools, while not replacing analytics, support sales productivity.


TimeCamp offers a comprehensive suite of tools aimed at optimizing productivity and enhancing time management for businesses and individuals. With features like automatic time tracking, detailed reporting, invoicing, budgeting, and a robust integration ecosystem, TimeCamp caters to a wide range of industries. Its user-friendly platform is designed to streamline workflow, improve project profitability, and ensure precise billing. Whether for team collaboration, attendance management, or project efficiency monitoring, TimeCamp provides an all-encompassing solution to make every second count, backed by glowing reviews and a global user base.

Database building & lead interaction

The productivity of any sales team will largely depend on the lead database that has to be regularly maintained and updated as leads move through different stages of the purchase funnel. This is a vast category of sales tools that may range from the best email finder software to website chatbots and trackers to monitor visitor behavior.


SalesWings is a handy browser plugin that tracks visitors on your company website and automatically categorizes them on the lead’s temperature scale. Depending on the visitor’s action (i.e., simply browsing vs downloading materials), it is possible to come up with relevant promotional materials for further lead engagement. Besides, all data from SalesWings can be automatically integrated into your main CRM. 


This tool is perfect for database building because it has a directory of 450+ million verified contacts, searchable by industry, company, and many other customizable criteria. Sales reps can use SignalHire both for building customized cold email lists (especially in the B2B segment) or as an individual email lookup service for engaging with warmer leads. For example, you can extract prospects’ contacts to your lead database when someone engages with your content on social media. There is a dedicated extension for extracting an individual’s contact data from social media, too. 


Intercom is an AI-powered chatbot that easily integrates with various websites. The idea of engaging visitors through chatbots is not new, but Intercom has a significant competitive advantage over the other tools. This chatbot is designed not only to encourage leads to share their contact data but also to analyze their website behavior and provide post-visit analysis for further website management. 

Virtual sales & communication helpers

While CRMs and lead generation software are an absolute must for boosting sales efficiency, plenty of other tools may not carry such a significant purpose but are still incredibly helpful for increasing productivity and speeding up some routine processes. For example:


Flowrite is an AI-writing assistance powered by GPT-3. Of course, it cannot fully substitute human communication, but it can be beneficial for managers who rely on effective (and quick) communication with their leads. Flowrite can turn a short draft into a persuasive email in a matter of seconds.

Crystal Knows

Crystal is an AI tool based on the DISC (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, Conscientiousness) model. Its primary purpose is to help sales reps resolve any conflicts in a peaceful, productive manner. The service uses psychological and behavioral analysis to come up with smart suggestions when things turn a bit out of hand. And even though this tool’s main perk is enhancing business communication, it can work as a standard email assistant, too. 


WonderWay positions itself as the ‘next generation of sales coaching.’ The website does have a lot of materials that can help sales reps optimize all of their processes, but its primary focus is on boosting company revenue. However, it is also helpful for identifying knowledge gaps and recommending suitable training programs to ensure the best results. 

Chili Piper

Chili Piper boosts the sales team’s productivity by taking some menial work off the sales reps’ hands. This is an excellent tool for email scheduling that also gives suggestions on the optimal time to arrange meetings and phone calls. And its user-friendly interface is very easy to navigate. 

Sales accelerations & analytics 

One of the surest ways to boost productivity is to accelerate sales processes. However, it is impossible to accelerate anything without proper analytics. That is why sales acceleration and analytics tools often go hand-in-hand. The top market examples include:


Clari uses artificial intelligence along with all available data from your CRM to provide sales insights and identify potential risks. The tool analyzes meetings, email correspondence, and other CRM logs to provide the most detailed analysis of your lead behavior. The service can integrate with practically any CRM, providing smart insights and accurate forecasts. 


Domo is a cloud-based suite that offers business intelligence and platform integrations. It analyzes cross-departmental data to suggest optimal company processes. The detailed metric and friendly interface can prove helpful in both B2B and B2C segments.


InsideSales is designed to make customer targeting easy, thus accelerating sales operations and closing more deals sooner. The tool can prioritize leads based on their communication patterns and send timely notifications for the sales rep to act. It also gives detailed analytics on how likely each lead will reach the buying stage.

These tools can boost work productivity and sales performance. The key is choosing the right services for your operations and experimenting with new onesAfter all, sales is a robust process, and developers regularly introduce new software to the market to increase the productivity of sales teams.


In conclusion, leveraging sales productivity tools can significantly enhance efficiency and effectiveness in the sales process. While there is no one-size-fits-all solution, several key areas can benefit from automation and optimization.

CRM platforms such as HubSpot, ZOHO, and SuperOffice provide features to streamline sales and enhance customer relationships. Database building and lead interaction tools such as SalesWings, SignalHire, and Intercom help maintain and engage with leads effectively.

Virtual sales and communication helpers like Flowrite, Crystal Knows, and WonderWay offer support in writing persuasive emails, resolving conflicts, and providing sales coaching.

Tools like Clari, Domo, and InsideSales provide data-driven insights, risk identification, and efficient customer targeting. Choosing the right combination of these tools tailored to specific sales operations can lead to a significant boost in productivity and sales performance.

It is important to stay updated with emerging software solutions as the sales landscape evolves continuously. By embracing these tools and continually experimenting, sales professionals can unlock their full potential and achieve remarkable results.


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