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10 Best Idea Management Software to Look Up in 2024

Athira Unnikrishnan

2 January 2024

6 min read

Whatever be the business you deal with, you are sure to face fierce competition. It is just inevitable. Well, in a way where’s the fun without any competition?! It is when you surpass your competitions that your business becomes relevant in your niche. So, how do you overcome competition like it’s nobody’s business?! You ought to add that tinge of innovation into your product. You should invest time in procuring, analyzing, and developing innovative ideas in order to provide products and services that are unparalleled in your industry. In simple words, you need to take idea management seriously.

What is Idea Management?

As per the definition given by Gartner, Idea Management is a structured process that helps generate, gather, discuss, improve, organize, evaluate and categorize valuable insights or alternative thinking that may not arise through normal processes.

Well, going about idea management through manual methods may not be the best ‘idea’. You have a lot of processes to carry out in your organization. Managing all of them together can be disastrous. This calls for an idea management software.

What is Idea Management Software?

An idea management software automates idea management allowing managers and employers to streamline the capturing of ideas, evaluation, and implementation.

Essentially, an idea management tool should let you collect ideas both anonymously or non-anonymously, vote, collaborate, and transform them into tasks to finally implement it.

10 Best Idea Management Software of 2023

After a thorough analysis, we have found out the 10 best idea management tools that the market of 2020 has to offer. If you are hunting for a great idea management software, then you have landed in the right place. Dive in:

  1. Ideanote
  2. Brightidea
  3. Ideascale
  4. Organizedfeedback
  5. Idea Drop
  6. Ideawake
  7. Mangoapps
  8. Miro
  9. Canny
  10. Planbox

1. Ideanote

Ideate, develop, and implement fantastic ideas with the help of Ideanote. Ideanote is one of the best idea management software in the market. It offers a central hub for all your ideas to form a  process that is streamlined efficiently to produce actions leading to the fruition of it.

This cloud-based idea management platform lets you create unlimited missions, share them effortlessly via links and email invite, procure a complete timeline of activities associated with it, and even identify the top innovator in your organization.

But that’s not all. You have some wonderful features to look forward to. Some of the popular features of Ideanote includes idea ranking, mind map, workflow management, polls, engagement monitoring, collaboration, discussion threads, trend tracking, gamification, etc.

The excellent suite of features offered by Ideanote makes it a decent idea management tool. However, you should be expecting limited integrations.

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2. Brightidea

Brightidea is a popular idea management software that has over 2 million users across the world. The platform helps you promote a culture that supports innovations.

Collect, share, evaluate, and collaborate on ideas to develop perfect solutions for your organizational growth. The advanced idea management tool of Brightidea enables you to collect and pipeline ideas supported by a digital suggestion box.

The feature-rich software offers characteristics like polls, feedback management, idea ranking, trend tracking, crowdsourcing, mind map, activity feed, and status tracking, etc. to help bring your ideas to life.

Brightidea has a very intuitive interface. You can collect and manage ideas with the help of drag and drop tools.

3. Ideascale

One of the most popular idea management tools, Ideascale uses crowdsourcing to help you innovate and develop the path-breaking plans for your organization. The cloud-based idea management software serves around 25,000 customers from different parts of the world.

You can collect the opinions of members of your organization and allow them to vote as well, after which the ideas are evaluated, shared, and finally implemented.

Some of the features delivered by the platform include an activity feed, idea ranking, mind map, workflow management, collaboration, ideation, status tracking, polls, engagement monitoring, feedback management, discussion threads, gamification, trend tracking, and many more.

Overall Ideascale is a decent innovation software platform albeit the steep learning curve.

4. Organizedfeedback

Change your ideas into solutions with the idea management software of Organizedfeedback.  Engage employees better.

Create private or public feedback communities and discuss opportunities and improvements that can be brought about in your company. Classify these contributions into ideas or problems. Also leverage the feature Challenges which enables you to include supporting information like videos, images, or even documents.

Participants can view ideas with the help of filters and even upvote ideas as per their likes. The idea management platform also offers various other features like news feed, idea ranking, mind map, workflow management, collaboration, ideation, status tracking, customized contribution forms, and powerful reports.

5. Idea Drop

Idea Drop is an idea management software that has an eminent clientele to its credit. It serves leading organizations like Anglo American, Metro AG, Post Office & Met Police, Viacom, Holiday Inn, and many more. Idea drop is apt for large enterprises and helps them implement impactful ideas and drive growth.

The intuitive idea management software helps you crowdsource the best ideas from across your company and orchestrate them to produce solutions that elevate business. You can collaborate work in a fun-filled yet efficient manner using hashtags, mentions, comments, link sharing, and real-time notifications.

Idea Drop also offers features like engagement monitoring, mind map, idea ranking, feedback management, workflow management, news feed, status tracking, discussion threads, gamification, and evaluation workflow.

6. Ideawake

Ideawake is yet another popular idea management tool that provides you with ‘ an end to end system for corporate innovation’. The platform promises to help you empower your employees and transform them into innovators, who will in turn promote the growth of your company.

The intuitive idea management software offers reliable features. Gather ideas on specific subjects, rank them, and collaborate in real-time. You can even assign teams to take the ideas into a whole new level and execute them with finesse.

You can also leverage features like mind map, news feed, status tracking, polls, engagement monitoring, gamification, crowdsourcing, trend tracking, and so on.

All in all, Ideawake is a highly configurable software with great features.

7. MangoApps

The idea management software, MangoApps helps your employees feel valued and be a part of organizational growth. Collect ideas based on marketing trends and transform them into easily executable processes.

Your employees can share ideas with the entire team, collaborate on an idea, and help develop it further and make it into a solution that can drive growth. You can also name a particular idea, make it into a separate project, and assign a team to bring it fruition. Users can start an idea campaign, discuss a particular idea, via comments and votes.

Such a process ensures that such developments are visible to the entire organization. You can also customize and manage the idea life cycle depending on the requirements.

The Idea Insights of this idea management software helps you be up to speed with the progress of the ideas like the top voted, the most discussed, the most recent ideas, etc.

8. Miro

Being an online collaborative whiteboard platform and an idea management software, Miro lets teams collaborate in the most innovative and efficient ways. Be it managing workflows, brainstorming sessions with digital sticky notes, or planning and sharing ideas effectively, Miro has got you covered.

The idea management tool offers 60+ templates and interactive frameworks to promote work collaboration in order to develop ideas. But one of the most popular features of Miro is its supportive integrations with third-party apps like Microsoft Ecosystem, Atlassian Ecosystem, Slack, DropBox, Sketch, and a lot more. Some other features offered by the tool includes discussion boards, video conferencing, mind map, idea ranking, and crowdsourcing.

Miro does seem to be a great tool though customers do want it to be a tad bit more intuitive.

9. Canny

Canny is a cloud-based idea management software that is mainly fit for large enterprises. The tool lets you capture valuable ideas from both customers and employees in one single place. The tool lets you choose ideas that are relevant to your particular product by collaborating with your product team within a click.

You can also communicate with customers and colleagues and let them know of the developments like the prioritized features. The Changelog feature of Canny helps you view the progress of ideas and get a better understanding.

The clients of Canny are particularly happy with their neat and intuitive UI which facilitates easy navigation, making it a tool worth considering.

10. Planbox

Planbox is an idea management solution that lets you collaborate virtually with our team to plan and realize innovative ideas. The robust analytics and work-flow driven process of this idea management system lets you collect ideas and convert them into tasks to implement them painlessly.

Capitalize ideas that are well-aligned with your product and solve challenges. With Planbox you can create an innovation driven ecosystem that is crowdsourced by public and private communities that include both employees and customers. This continous improvement tool is very flexible and lets you manage ideas in the easiest way possible.

Winding Up

The aforementioned was our list of the best idea management tools. We have picked the 10 best from a crowded market that offers thousands to help you dodge the trouble. Now, it is your turn. Compare and contrast the tools with your requirements and goals and select the best idea management software for your organization.

Athira Unnikrishnan

Content Marketer at SurveySparrow

Just a plain soul enthralled by the power of words and the aroma of food!

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