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All about SurveySparrow’s new AI Survey feature

Kaveri G

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29 November 2023

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has transformed the way businesses approach various areas of operation and customer experience tools are no exception. With the latest AI-powered survey tools, creating and analyzing surveys has become easier and faster, enabling businesses to obtain valuable insights from customers, employees and other stakeholders. SurveySparrow’s latest offering, the AI Survey feature, generates surveys in seconds thus saving organizations time and effort.

AI Survey feature is here to help revolutionize your business

The new AI Survey feature is a powerful tool designed to help businesses quickly and easily create surveys and obtain valuable insights from their customers, employees and other stakeholders. Just enter the prompt and the AI-powered algorithm will generate your survey in seconds, with a maximum of 10 questions.

Surveys generated contain a range of question types, including multiple-choice questions, rating scales and open-ended questions. Surveys created are customizable, enabling organizations to add their questions and edit the design.

This feature supports a variety of use-cases like customer feedback, employee engagement surveys and market research. Let us look at some specific instances to understand how to better harness the potential of AI Surveys.


Scenario #1: Quality Assurance in Manufacturing- Ensuring excellence at every step

In the fast-paced world of manufacturing, maintaining quality standards is paramount. With the AI Survey feature, manufacturers can seamlessly implement quality assurance measures by gathering feedback from stakeholders involved in the production process. By creating surveys tailored to various checkpoints, such as raw material inspection, assembly line performance, and final product assessment, manufacturers can identify potential issues, streamline operations, and enhance overall quality. Amidst the business of industry operations, the AI Survey tool enables them to swiftly generate surveys with pertinent questions, allowing for real-time insights and prompt action. 

In case any issue is found and flagged, SurveySparrow’s in-house ticket management system makes it easier for issues to be brought to the notice of the right person, who can take action and rectify the defect. This helps them be on top of issues and correct it at first notice. 

Scenario #2: Product development and feedback- Nurturing innovation through customer input

Developing successful products hinges on understanding customers’ needs and preferences. Surveys offer an excellent opportunity to obtain feedback during product development stages. Organizations can create surveys instantly using the AI Survey tool that gauges customer expectations, preferences, and pain points. Surveys are distributed to a select group of target customers who test new product prototypes or provide input on product features and preferences. 

To put the collected survey responses in the context of individual customer profiles and analyze them, SurveySparrow offers integrations with customer relationship management (CRM) systems, among its other integration capabilities. The collected data can easily be drilled down to actionable insights using the various analysis tools inside the platform.

Scenario #3: New Amenity feedback in a University- Enhancing the Campus experience

Universities are constantly evolving, striving to provide an enriching experience for students, faculty and staff. When introducing new amenities or implementing changes, gathering feedback becomes crucial. AI Surveys simplify this process, enabling universities to promptly assess the impact of new initiatives. 

This survey can easily be shared across the campus with both students and teachers using the multichannel options supported by SurveySparrow. From QR codes to offline kiosks placed across campus, data collection has never been easier.


SurveySparrow’s AI Survey feature is a valuable asset for businesses and organizations looking to gather feedback and improve operations. It is user-friendly, efficient, and customizable. With our multichannel share options, detailed data reporting and analysis, various integrations, and in-house ticket management, SurveySparrow is a one-stop shop to collect feedback instantly and close the loop in style.

Try it today to see how it can help you!

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