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Nermeen Nabil
Capability Manager, TBTD

We use SurveySparrow for our 360 Feedback process. It is very user-friendly and comfortable to use. Moreover, the SurveySparrow team has been consistently supportive and responsive. Overall, it's a great platform!

  • What I ❤️ most:
  • Logic set-up
  • Advanced background calculations
Uliana Pavlovska
Human Resources Director, WePlay Studios

We use SurveySparrow for internal surveys including monthly pulse checks, ENPS, and gathering feedback on webinars and employee performance. Our experience with SurveySparrow has been exceptional. It fully meets and automates our HR needs, making it easy for our team to provide feedback and enhance performance management.

  • What I ❤️ most:
  • Easy to navigate
  • Different types of surveys
Lynne Kreiner
Strategic HR Project Specialist, ESC

We find SurveySparrow to be user-friendly and intuitive, and we use it for our internal employee feedback and engagement surveys. The customer success team is consistently accessible and supportive, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience throughout.

  • What I ❤️ most:
  • Tailored surveys for HR needs
  • Dedicated customer support
Akil KJ Bhat
Product Manager, Furlenco

SurveySparrow's comprehensive platform has revolutionized our approach to connecting with customers. The platform’s detailed analytics and customizable survey options have empowered us to deeply understand our customers and significantly enhance our offerings.

  • What I ❤️ most:
  • AI-driven survey creation
  • Effective survey distribution
Nisha Moily
Customer Insights Project Lead, Decathlon Sports India

SurveySparrow has been pivotal in reshaping our customer feedback process. Its dynamic and intuitive platform has not only streamlined our feedback collection but has also empowered us to make impactful changes that resonate with our customers.

  • What I ❤️ most:
  • Dynamic dashboards
  • Real-time feedback collection
UX Researcher, FunPlus

Using their survey management tool transformed our data collection process, thanks to its simple, elegant UI and comprehensive functions. It's effectiveness redefined how we engage with insights.

  • What I ❤️ most:
  • Dynamic dashboards
  • Real-time feedback collection
Jonelle Henry
Administration, Tehononga

Utilizing this platform transformed our staff feedback process, integrating customizable surveys, diverse templates, and seamless photo uploads. It's not just user-friendly, it's a game-changer for enhancing employee engagement and insights. Truly unparalleled in its capabilities.

  • What I ❤️ most:
  • Diverse templates
  • Customizable surveys
Stephanie Gram
Head of Digital Marketing, Graubünden Ferien

SurveySparrow's annual website survey is a game-changer for us. With a seamless integration, low costs, and high flexibility, it's our go-to solution for gathering valuable B2B insights. The experience is simply outstanding.

  • What I ❤️ most:
  • Seamless Integration
  • Low Costs
Emre Sütlü
Head of Customer Service, Bitget TR

In our long-term partnership with Surveysparrow, they have always provided solution-oriented and multifunctional usage features. The new features they regularly add are crucial for us to stay current. As a result, they consistently exceed our expectations.

  • What I ❤️ most:
  • Advanced features
  • Solution-oriented approach
Founder, Akaramamao

SurveySparrow has transformed our online class experience, from seamless participant registration to engaging post-class feedback. The reporting is intuitive and detailed, enhancing our understanding of participants' needs. Most impressive is their exceptional service - the team is always friendly, approachable, and ready to assist.

  • What I ❤️ most:
  • Eye-catching visuals
  • Diverse survey formats
Principal Product Designer, Honey Insurance

The user-friendly interface, coupled with SurveySparrow's survey-building flexibility and rapid deployment capabilities, makes it an indispensable tool for our NPS® and quantitative research projects.

  • What I ❤️ most:
  • White-label surveys
  • Logic set up
Nathan Reoch
Digital Manager, ACL Industrial Technology

We use SurveySparrow to collect NPS® scores. Excellent support with a helpful and quickly responsive team. The platform offers powerful functionality and is easy to use. Overall, we loved it.

  • What I ❤️ most:
  • Advanced API & integration
  • Easy to configure & view reports
Henry Gunson
Performance Consultant, Performance Science

User-friendly 360 survey tool with stunning automated reports. The survey interface is aesthetically pleasing and the flexibility to select subjects and evaluators is commendable. The support team is exceptionally helpful and friendly.

  • What I ❤️ most:
  • Customizability
  • Automated reports generation
Anne-Marie Cremona
People Experience Project Lead, Interflow

The platform's unique ability to facilitate live edits sets it apart and makes our 360-degree assessment process seamless. The user-friendly interface simplifies the process remarkably. The customer success team offers exceptional service and advice, demonstrating their commitment, which has been super valuable.

  • What I ❤️ most:
  • Amazing support
  • Simple to set up
Customer Experience, Assistant Manager, SOCAR Mobility Malaysia

We rely on SurveySparrow for our company's NPS® surveys across various verticals. It serves as our survey gatekeeper, managing requests from different departments to end users. The NPS®-specific survey types, and detailed reports are impeccable. The exceptional support team ensures prompt issue resolution. Looking forward to achieving more with SurveySparrow.

  • What I ❤️ most:
  • Auto reminder to non respondents
  • Built-in chatbot
Programme Manager, Catapult

SurveySparrow has simplified the process of conducting our 360 LeaderScope Assessments. Its seamless survey extension, effortless contact detail updates, and role consolidation are truly remarkable. The exceptional customer success team and their swift responses further elevate the experience.

  • What I ❤️ most:
  • Contact management
  • Versatality
Lakshi Jayasinghe
Operations Officer, R&J Batteries Pty Ltd

Performing our yearly surveys to collect feedback from both customers and employees has become incredibly easy using SurveySparrow. The attentive and helpful customer success team adds immense value to the experience. Truly a great platform!

  • What I ❤️ most:
  • User friendly UI
  • Detailed tutorial videos
Henry Gomez

SurveySparrow has made it easy for me to craft impactful quantitative research templates for my consulting clients and refine their logical workflows. The platform's latest enhancements prove highly beneficial. The consistently responsive support and dedicated customer experience team further enhance the overall experience.

  • What I ❤️ most:
  • Latest feature enhancements
  • Custom Workflows
Stephen Sasse
Principal, Alpheus Advisory

An invaluable tool for conducting workplace ballots through email and SMS. SurveySparrow’s support team is impressive, and the platform's ease of use, reporting, and analytics are standout features. Overall, an outstanding experience with a great product and exceptional service.

  • What I ❤️ most:
  • Great support
  • Advanced analytics
Susan Proctor

SurveySparrow offers unmatched functionality, service, and design capabilities. I've used every survey platform out there. This has been the best! What’s more-their support team is proactive, prompt and professional.

  • What I ❤️ most:
  • Intuitive design
  • Powerful chat capabilities
Founder, Successfully Coaching

My experience with SurveySparrow has been excellent. I highly recommend it to anyone in need of a powerful survey tool. Just the perfect combination of great price, quality, and service.

  • What I ❤️ most:
  • User-friendly interface
  • Scope of customization available
Saumya Oli
Management consulting, Accenture

SurveySparrow has been instrumental in our business development, brand engagement, and service optimization. The ease of writing survey questionnaires directly within the is great. Plus, the top-notch support earns a perfect 10/10. Overall, SurveySparrow delivers as promised, meeting my expectations.

  • What I ❤️ most:
  • Overall UX & UI
  • Customize surveys with CSS codes
Alvaro Salazar
Senior Product Manager, Evenco International

SurveySparrow has transformed our approach to gathering market intelligence and engaging event participants. The platform's easy integration and versatility have substantially improved our operations. Their amazing assistance and proactive growth team are what truly set them apart. They are more than just a service provider; they are an integral part of our business strategy.

  • What I ❤️ most:
  • Conditional logic
  • White labelled embedding onto own website
Lonnie R Bridges Sr
Director of Training & Customer Experience, Paragon Casino

Leveraging SurveySparrow's intuitive platform has dramatically transformed our feedback collection process. It has allowed us to navigate through customer insights with precision, ensuring that no voice goes unheard and every action we take is informed and impactful.

  • What I ❤️ most:
  • Real-time TV dashboard
  • Customized surveys
Fiana Wei
Managing Director, Adaptive Psychology

I am absolutely amazed by the great product and the exceptional support provided by SurveySparrow. The customer service is next level, with highly responsive and knowledgeable support staff. Truly a fantastic experience!.

  • What I ❤️ most:
  • Ease of use
  • Ready-made templates
Program Manager, Meesho

SurveySparrow has been instrumental in transforming our approach to customer and seller experience. The platform's ability to provide deep insights and manage feedback at scale has enabled us to achieve our 10x goals and significantly improve satisfaction rates.

  • What I ❤️ most:
  • Executive Dashboard
  • Customized surveys
Neil Carlos Dias
Director - Quality & Transformation, TATA Digital

The clear insights provided by SurveySparrow have greatly enhanced our processes at TATA Digital. The flexibility and functionality make it incredibly user-friendly and an outstanding tool overall. Since implementing SurveySparrow, our Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) has seen a significant improvement.

  • What I ❤️ most:
  • Tailored survey scales
  • Survey throttling
Ilya Sandoval
CEO, Athletic Ki

I am genuinely impressed with SurveySparrow’s user-friendly interface and straightforward setup process. I must commend their customer service, which consistently earns a perfect 10 in my book. Despite being a small company, I receive top-notch service whenever I have questions, encounter problems, or need assistance.

  • What I ❤️ most:
  • Chat Surveys
  • Data export & import
Campaign Marketing Coordinator, Hosted Network

Transforming partner engagement with unmatched efficiency, our platform elevates B2B interactions to new heights. Its intuitive design and dedicated support team ensure your needs are met with precision and care, setting a new standard for excellence in the industry.

  • What I ❤️ most:
  • Unmatched efficiency
  • Dedicated support
Operations Associate, Sayers

We use SurveySparrow for internal company-wide feedback surveys, appreciating its ability to boost our insights. The customer success team's patience and understanding of our unique needs have made our experience highly positive. We're impressed by its personalization, user-friendly interface, and features like bulk invites, with the flexible reviewer/reviewee setup being a key reason for choosing SurveySparrow.

  • What I ❤️ most:
  • Extensive customization options
  • Intuitive design
Janine Alfiler
Program Manager, Circles.Life

I primarily use SurveySparrow for 360 Reviews, which has been transformative. My experiences with their team have been excellent, showcasing their dedication to user satisfaction. Overall, I highly rate SurveySparrow for its impactful features and outstanding support.

  • What I ❤️ most:
  • Templated forms
  • Respondent anonymity
Supervisor, Organizational Development & Organization Culture Department, KKday

We conduct 360-degree surveys using SurveySparrow and find it very easy to use. Overall, the experience is seamless thanks to the excellent service and real-person online support.

  • What I ❤️ most:
  • Multi-lingual support
  • User-friendly interface
Wanwipa Wiwatthanateepa
Regional Research & Insight Manager, AirAsia Super app

A superb customer success manager and an efficient support team make this survey platform a standout choice. SurveySparrow's user-friendly setup process adds to the positive experience. I loved using it and have already I've already recommended it to my peers.

  • What I ❤️ most:
  • Simple Logic setup
  • Image or video choice questions
Claudia Artz
Founder, RadUp

I've tried various survey tools over the years, but at RadUp, we love SurveySparrow the most. It's user-friendly, offers diverse question options, has a simple setup, provides comprehensive reporting, and keeps back-end management minimal. Highly recommend it to any company seeking a top-notch survey tool!

  • What I ❤️ most:
  • Multiple question types
  • Detailed Reports
Yaron Tsor
Product Operations Manager, MEWS

We use SurveySparrow for customer check-ins, NPS®/CSAT surveys, and in-depth research. Its flexibility helps us understand customer sentiments effortlessly. Easy integration with tools like Salesforce enhances our view of the customer journey. Plus, their excellent support makes using the tool a breeze.

  • What I ❤️ most:
  • Easy Integration
  • Top-notch customer support
Nadia Zulkifli
HR & Admin Officer, myFirst Tech

I am thoroughly satisfied with the support provided by the SurveySparrow team. Their assistance with inquiries, particularly regarding the language setting, customized report and template, and building the question section for 360 assessments, has been commendable. The platform's user-friendly features have greatly enhanced our performance appraisal process.

  • What I ❤️ most:
  • Customized reports and templates
  • Language setting
Kylie Neal
Founder, Kan Kulture

The intuitive interface and the inclusion of our logo add a professional touch. It's been a game-changer for our performance review surveys and work order forms. An exceptional tool.

  • What I ❤️ most:
  • Custom branding
  • Conversational surveys
Marketing Consultant, The Lucy Rose Clinic

We are thrilled with SurveySparrow's exceptional platform. It seamlessly enables us to administer Transactional Surveys, Quizzes, and NPS® with ease. The user experience is outstanding, complemented by its seamless integrations. Moreover, the insightful backend calculations greatly enhance our operations. Highly impressed with SurveySparrow!

  • What I ❤️ most:
  • Robust integrations
  • Easy to use
Derick Catindig
Customer Centric Specialist, Motorcentral Sales Corp.

The platform's user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation make collecting customer feedback effortless. The approachable and reliable SurveySparrow team enhances the experience even further. Overall, I am very pleased with the exceptional service they provide.

  • What I ❤️ most:
  • Easy to navigate,
  • Approachable & reliable
Global Wholesale Marketing Lead, Allpress Espresso Ltd Pty

Pretty good! The B2B customer experience platform provided us with valuable tools that weren't previously available in real time. The ongoing infrastructure development is evident, enhancing our overall experience. The pricing offers excellent value for money, making this platform a smart investment.

  • What I ❤️ most:
  • Executive dashboard
  • Seamless integration
Shereen Shawa
Deputy General Manager, Prosper Management Consultancy

The platform's user-friendly interface made it incredibly easy to use, allowing us to navigate through effortlessly. What truly stands out is the platform's ability to customize according to our specific needs, giving us the flexibility we require. Throughout our journey, the SurveySparrow team has consistently displayed their professionalism and helpfulness, making the experience even more satisfying. We're delighted with the results and the level of support we've received.

  • What I ❤️ most:
  • Advanced reports
  • section Customizability
Jjoanna kanepotaka
Jjoanna kanepotaka
Executive Director & Co-Founder, Smarterfoods

SurveySparrow team has been professional and competent, going above and beyond to assist me. They’ve always been there to help and support me- just like a family

  • What I ❤️ most:
  • Seamless chat function
  • Prompt assistance
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