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More Features of Star Wars Quiz

SurveySparrow is not only a platform to build surveys and collect insightful data, but it can also be used to build exciting quizzes. Star Wars Quiz is one of those interesting quizzes we have in our collections. The quiz became more engaging and entertaining with some features of SurveySparrow.

Personalized Quiz

Simulate a real-time engaging experience with a Star Wars quiz. Use emoticons, Gifs, videos and pictures to make it engaging. Personalize the quiz using variables and make it more interesting instead of asking direct questions.

Video Background

This feature helps in gathering more eyeballs to the quiz. A video background with the signature music of star wars makes the quiz more engaging for the participants. This feature will help in grabbing the attention of the respondents with the visuals represented in the background of the quiz.

Picture Choice Questions

Picture choice questions are a visual version of multiple-choice questions. This Star Wars knowledge quiz contains questions with visual representations of the multiple-choice. With this feature questions can be designed with more clarity and will make it more attractive for the respondents.


Scoring is one of the features of SurveySparrow which makes the Star Wars quiz more engaging. The correct answers for multiple choice star wars trivia questions can be scored. All the scores can then be added in the end using expressions so that the participant can see his final score.

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