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Fun Employee Engagement Quiz

This Fun Employee Engagement Quiz comprises funny-get-to-know-you questions to gather honest feedback from your employees. The real-time reporting feature of this template stores the responses soon after your employees click the submit button and lets you analyze responses at the question level.

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Why Use This Fun Employee Engagement Quiz?

Improve Employee Engagement with Fun Quiz

You may have conducted employee engagement surveys regularly at your workplace. Or, you might have also had face-to-face conversations with your employees to know if they are happy with the workplace. In both cases, it’s difficult for employees to open up and be completely honest about their experience. They may end up giving sugar-coated answers which don’t serve the purpose.

So, instead of sending a boring employee engagement questionnaire, add a bit more fun to your survey. Send a fun employee engagement quiz to your employees asking them questions about their personality traits, their favorite books, the last time they felt fulfilled in their life, or even their last embarrassing moments. Use surveys, quizzes, and questionnaires with a twist and engage them in a conversation. Make them reveal themselves.

Asking fun employee engagement questions will not only help you to know your employees better but also compel them to open up in a friendly way about the workplace. And, this certainly serves the purpose, isn’t it?

Let us now see what questions and more can you add to make your team-building surveys fun and engaging.

Write about one of your favorite childhood memories.

Childhood memories are always nostalgic. Making your employees share their childhood memories takes them back to those good times. It can be their memories of being mischievous in school, or winning an art competition, or helping their mother cook in the kitchen when uninvited guests jumped in! Each one of us has those moments which always remain with us. This is a nice question to ask as it makes your employees feel good. And, also unknowingly they may reveal their special skills or talents.

What is the best thing that happened to you in the last week?

This is another amazing question that you can add to your fun employee questionnaire. Although this can be a bit tricky, if they are going through a hard time, it can make the employee think of the good bit.

What would you go for if we have a potluck – Pizza or Butter Chicken?

These kinds of fun poll questions for employees can be really interesting! They are easy to answer and the information can help you to conduct a healthy and fun debate between two groups. It can be a really good ice breaker between the team members.

Optimize the survey between fun and insights

Although a fun employee engagement quiz is circulated to add some entertainment to the workspace, you should not forget the purpose behind the survey. It is to gauge employee engagement and understand the shortcomings of your workspace. So, along with fun questions, pitch in some insightful questions in the quiz which you would anyway ask in a traditional employee engagement survey.

Getting to know what your employees think about your workspace is an art. You must engage them in a conversation through your quiz. Our fun employee engagement quiz template can be of real benefit to you. Click on “Use This Template”, create an account with us, and customize the template the way you want.

Spark Engagement with Fun Quiz Ideas Using Our Platform

Engaging your team and fostering a positive work environment can take various forms, and one of the most effective methods is through fun quizzes. A well-structured quiz can make the process interactive, enjoyable, and highly insightful. Here are some ideas for fun employee engagement quizzes that you can execute using our versatile tool:

‘Know Your Teammate’ Quiz: This is a great icebreaker, especially for new teams. Questions could include ‘Who is the biggest coffee lover?’ or ‘Who has the most unusual hobby?’ to ignite conversations and promote camaraderie.

‘Office Trivia’ Quiz: Test your employees’ knowledge about the organization with a trivia quiz. Questions could range from company history to recent achievements. This not only boosts engagement but also reinforces company values and accomplishments.

Career Aspirations’ Quiz: A quiz about career goals can provide valuable insights about your team’s aspirations and skills they’d like to develop. This can guide the management in providing tailored growth opportunities.

‘Pop Culture Challenge’: A light-hearted quiz about popular movies, books, or music can be a fun way to break up the workday and promote informal conversations.

‘Health & Wellness’ Quiz: An interactive quiz about healthy habits can be an engaging way to promote wellness in the workplace. You can cover topics like stress management, nutrition, or exercise.

‘Virtual Scavenger Hunt’: In the era of remote work, a virtual scavenger hunt can be a unique way to engage employees. You could include challenges like ‘Find an item that represents your work style’ or ‘Share a picture of your workspace’.

‘Personality Type’ Quiz: Understanding personality types can improve teamwork and communication. A quiz on personality traits can lead to better self-awareness and interpersonal understanding.

The success of these quizzes lies in the ease of their execution and the insights they provide. Our tool is mobile-friendly, has intuitive dashboard analytics, and offers multiple sharing options to make the process a breeze. With our tool, you can effortlessly customize and deploy these quizzes, ensuring maximum participation and engagement. Remember, the goal is to make the quiz as enjoyable as it is insightful. Happy quizzing!

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