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Online Pizza Order Form Template

It can get quite hectic, doesn’t it? Managing customers both offline & online? Especially when it is the busiest hour of the day? Manage your online orders with this Online Pizza Order Form Template. Embed on your website, and relax. This conversational food order form is completely customizable.

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Features of Online Pizza Order Form Template.

More Features of this Online Pizza Order Form Template

With SurveySparrow, this pizza order form template is transformed into more than just an online order form. You can use the platform to streamline your pizza ordering system. Collect orders online, and track the data to explore more business opportunities. Integrate SurveySparrow with different tools to manage customer details and collect feedback frequently to improve retention rates.

Expression and Variables

Use expressions to display the order price in the form itself. With expressions, the choice is not just limited to the type of pizza to be ordered. But, you can also add choices between the type of toppings they want, if they want extra cheese, or the kind of dessert or mocktail they want the order to accompany with. Once they make their choice, the final order cost is displayed with a message. Not only this. With variables, give your customer a personalized experience by calling them out by their name.

QR Code

Customers can scan the QR code and a mobile-friendly pizza order form will pop up on their screen. This pizza order form is responsive to any screen size. You can place the QR codes on your store counters, website, or even on your promotional pamphlets and posters. You can also generate unique QR codes for different locations and track orders. This will help you make better strategic decisions on business expansion.

White Labeling

Own every element of this pizza order form by customizing it the way you want. Add the background image that suits your brand, and use your logo. If you are good at CSS we have an advanced CSS editor as well, where you can play around with codes. Get a custom link for this food order form with the name of your choice in it. Build trust and stand out of the crowd!

Picture Choice Questions

Display all the delicious varieties of pizzas, toppings, desserts, in picture choice questions. You can add any number of choices and customers can choose them with just a single click or tap. You can either add your own pictures or use our integrated Unsplash library to choose pictures. You can also add GIFs from our GIPHY library and make the food order form engaging!

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