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Customer Order Form Template

Features of this customer order form template

How SurveySparrow can streamline customer orders

Stripe Integration

Integrate with Stripe to facilitate seamless payment processing within surveys or order forms. Users can embed payment fields directly into their surveys, allowing customers to make payments using credit cards or other payment methods supported by Stripe.

Google Sheets Integration

Surveysparrow integrates with Google Sheets to automatically collate and update form responses, including customer orders. This integration could help centralize and organize order information in a spreadsheet for easy access and analysis.

Zapier Integration for PDF Order Forms

Zapier is a platform that connects different apps and automates workflows between them. Surveysparrow can be integrated with Zapier to create automated workflows, such as generating PDF order forms based on form

Here’s a hypothetical workflow:

a. Trigger: Form Submission

Set up a Zap (automation) with Surveysparrow as the trigger app. Specify the trigger event as “New Survey Submission.”

b. Action: Create PDF Order Form

Connect Zapier to a service that can generate PDF documents, such as Google Docs, or another tool that supports Zapier.
Map the survey responses to the fields in the PDF order form.

c. Automation: Send PDF Order Form

Once the PDF order form is generated, set up an action to send the PDF to a designated location or to relevant stakeholders, such as customers or internal teams.

This Zapier integration allows for a streamlined process where survey responses trigger the creation of PDF order forms automatically.

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