The ‘What’s New’ of our Social Media Post Request Form Template

Organize your social media calendar easily and effectively with our Social Media Post Request Form Template

If this social media post request form template got your like already, then you’re going to fall head over heels in love with it once you get to know about some more cool features. Up your social media game, make clients react with a heart to your ‘organization’, bring out your ‘social’ side, and many more! A boost to your social media game, the SurveySparrow way!

Multi-Share Options

Social media is where everyone hangs out. Whether you’re a social media agency or any other organization, your respondents would want the social media forms to be circulated across several channels. With SurveySparrow’s omnichannel survey-sharing capability, you get to share your surveys through channels more than – SMS, email, QR codes, and more. There are clients who would prefer email, while there are clients who’d want you to share them over social media! You could also get all your clients into a single portal and share the social media request forms there. You can even embed the forms on your website and use these for lead generation. Sticking to one channel or using a combination of many channels is totally up to you!

Library of Question Types

A quick look at our social media request form template lets you get a brief idea about our diverse question types. Ask only the relevant questions to your clients using the right question types. A date and time question type with a time add-on possibility is the best way in which you can capture both details with the same question. You can also make use of the picture choice questions and display the logo of the platforms there so that you save your client’s reading time. You can also make use of multiple-choice questions. Experiment with the dropdown and text-type questions and get the right information from your clients.


Standing out from the crowd in these times of tough competition is very important. How you get your brand out in the market is even more crucial. Say hello to SurveySparrow’s end-to-end white labeling where you can truly retain your brand identity without compromising on any detail. Use white labeling and bring in your brand colors, fonts, color palettes, and logo easily. You can add more of your brand elements using CSS customizations. You can even use favicons to communicate with your clients. Also, get the opportunity to host your social media post request form on your custom domain.

Device Compatible

Give utmost flexibility to all your clients by offering them device compatibility. Allow them to access your social media request forms from their chosen device – be it a laptop, personal computer, tablet, or even their smartphone. This way they can view and fill out the forms and submit their social media requests even on the go. Make the best use of our mobile-friendly surveys and capture more responses. Get higher completion rates with our conversational user interface.

Secure Forms

When you’re a social media agency, your clients will trust you when they share their social media content with your team. Stay true to this trust and nurture their confidence with our highly secure social media forms. Secure your surveys by using SSL and transfer encrypted data over the internet. You can also keep a record of the IP addresses to track respondents and prevent spamming easily. Yet another way to ensure security is through password-protected surveys wherein you can use a password to limit access. Once you enable password protection, respondents are prompted to enter it as they click the link. We’re GDPR compliant too.

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