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Reader Satisfaction Survey Template

This reader satisfaction survey template will help you collect feedback from readers about their level of satisfaction, be it with a book, publication, website, or other media outlet. Enriched with rating scales and customizations, this template will be the icing on the cake for your reader.

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Preface to our Reader Satisfaction Survey Template

Satisfying surveys for you, satisfying reads for them with our Reader Satisfaction Survey Template

Read minds with this reader satisfaction survey. Grab a seat and see what we’re talking about. With this template comes a cool bunch of features and functionalities that will make them grab another book from your shelf and be a loyal reader. Gauge their satisfaction and change both of your lives forever!


Don’t judge a book by its cover, they say. But what harm can a beautiful reader satisfaction survey do? Say yes to high-end customizations with pre-designed themes, backgrounds, CSS, conditional logic, piping, and more. While you try hard to build beautiful reading experiences for your readers, you’ll want only to try a little to create wonderful surveying experiences for them. Pick your favourite theme from our library or create one from scratch. Code your reader surveys to perfection with CSS customization. You can also use image or video backgrounds and experiment with button colors. Add intelligence to your surveys by bringing in the skip and display logic and answer piping. Make the survey truly relevant to your reader effortlessly!


Whether you’re a library, publication, website, or any other media outlet, you deserve to own your survey truly. Do just that with end-to-end white labeling. Insert your brand logo on the background or at the beginning/end. Use your brand’s colors and color palettes to create the complete survey. Use favicons and make your reader conversations more human-like and casual. You can even host your reader surveys on your custom domain. This way, you’ll gain the trust and confidence of your readers, truly stand out from the crowd, and earn more responses!

Ribbon Integration

How cool would it be to reward your best readers or motivate a disinterested reader? Rybbon Integration with SurveySparrow helps you achieve just that. You can send rewards to the readers directly from the survey responses, thereby helping increase response rates. Give your readers a seamless experience through rewards at every touchpoint of their journey. You can distribute coupons and e-gift cards in multiple currencies directly from survey responses. You also increase survey completion rates by having your readers happily participate in the surveys. And what’s more, you get to create a positive and delightful experience for your readers to make them truly feel valued.

Multiple Share Options

Share your reading survey questions through channels more than once, hassle-free. You can share your reader surveys via email or SMS. If you’re a website publishing content, you could embed the survey to gauge satisfaction. Yet another scenario would be when you are organizing a book fair and want to gauge your readers’ satisfaction. You could place a QR code near the exit, and the attendees can scan it and give feedback. Offline kiosks in malls where your books appear are also a great idea for collecting feedback. With remote locations having limited internet connectivity, too, you can resort to an offline share by placing kiosks. Choose the one best suited for you, or combine all the channels with seeing which works best for you. All your choice!

Advanced Reporting

All the letters and words combine to make your book or website. And so are all your readers’ data. As crucial as rolling out the reading survey questions, analyzing them well is a priority too. Make the best use of SurveySparrow’s advanced reporting tools like the executive dashboard, journey map, widgets, and more. Create customized dashboards and reports to suit your analyzing needs. Get access to advanced report filters and soothe the surveying experience. Compare and correlate data easily in a single place using the executive dashboard. Get a clear idea about the larger picture with journey maps. Wordcloud, pie charts, bar graphs, and more add to the brilliant reporting experience.

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