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Features of Lead Generation Chatbot

More Features of Lead Generation Chatbot

Thanks to SurveySparrow, this is more than just a template! It is a tool for moving from generating potential leads to acquiring customers. This chatbot for lead generation assists you in convincing your potential customers that it is a two-way conversation. Make it interactive and professional by using the conversational UI it provides.

Create with No-code

Do you have any hesitations about coding? Avoid giving yourself a headache. Copy and paste the auto-generated embed code into your website. Any changes you make voluntarily will be reflected in the code automatically.

Choose from the library of integrations

Allow your brain to rest before embarking on new creative endeavors. For your convenience, SurveySparrow handles your tasks through comprehensive integrations. You can use a single toggle and add as many integrations as you want.

Conditional logic branching

Why freeze the minds of your respondents by bombarding them with irrelevant questions when we have a solution? Simply use display/skip logic to direct the conversation. Choose questions based on their responses to previous questions.

Real-time data analysis

Making sense of so much information and making decisions can be difficult. Using this lead generation template, you can analyze data by filtering responses and exporting reports in various formats. You can cross-tabulate responses using our Compare function.

Multiple-Device Support

To emphasize the portability of the chatbots, SurveySparrow adheres to mobile-first flexibility for their templates. These templates are viewable on any device, including laptops, desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones. They are appropriate for all screen sizes.

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