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Features of our Contact Us Form Template

More Features of Contact Us Form Template

SurveySparrow offers more features apart from the ones that are listed above. All these features transform this contact form template into a complete data management tool. Some handy features of this contact form for the website are listed below.

Email and Phone Number Question Type

The email question type ensures that the correct format is entered in the box. You can make this to accept only valid email-ids. By doing that, you can reduce a lot of fluff in the data collected. With the phone number question type, you can collect numbers from anywhere across the world. The respondents only need to choose the country code. Like email question type, here also you can set it up to accept only valid phone numbers.

Email Embed Contact Form

You can embed this contact form inside the email as well. For your email marketing campaigns, you can write personalized emails based on the type of customer/client. Customize the email embed according to your brand and get better click rates for your emails. You can use your logo, font style, and colors that suit your brand.

Personalized Response

Use variables to make the contact us form template personalized. Greet the respondent by their name on the thank you screen after they fill out the form. This will make you build better relations and stand out from your competitors.

Integrate with Google Sheets

Export all contact information in a google sheet instantly. You need to toggle the Google Sheet integration and either link an already existing sheet or create a new sheet. As the respondents fill up the contact form, data will be updated in the excel sheet. You can use the sheet to segregate the contacts based on region, gender, occupation, etc.

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