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Concept Testing Survey Template

Features of this Concept Testing Survey Template

More features of Concept Testing Survey Template

We understand the significance of surveying your concept or idea. This concept testing questionnaire features collecting in-depth information, analyzing the responses, and detailed reports with visual interpretations for better decision-making and improvising your concept development and testing.

Sentiment Analysis

Turn on sentiment analysis for open-ended questions in your product concept testing to generate word clouds for the responses. By learning the most commonly used words, you can understand the exact emotions behind their responses. Determine where your efforts should be directed in order to achieve faster results.

Customizable Survey

Customize the interface to your liking. Use your brand colors by adding your own questions. In the classic template, you can add your brand logo, choose one of the available themes or design your own, and code the survey background using the CSS editor. Your design is saved and can be reused later with some aesthetic changes if you want.

Executive Dashboard

Our intelligent executive dashboard assists you in analyzing the information gathered from concept testing survey questions. Choose the widgets, graphs, and charts that best suit your needs. Simply dragging survey data into the dashboard yields survey reports at a glance. Generate PDF reports quickly!

Connect with Integrations

This template functions as a tool with numerous integrations. Simply toggle your preferred integration from the list. Yes, it’s that simple. Can’t seem to find your type? We also have a solution for this. Connect with Zapier to discover over 4,000 different types of integrations. Happy survey to you!

Display/Skip Logic

Are you conducting a survey and want to get the most responses? Then don’t ask irrelevant questions to your respondents. Use the Display/Skip logic to skip the irrelevant information and go straight to the Thank you page. Show questions based on their answers.

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