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Business Demographic Survey Template

Features of Business Demographic Survey Template

Simplify your survey using this Business Demographic Survey Template!

Conducting such important surveys can get really tiring. Like we said, this template can make your job much easier and simpler. Apart from the features we’ve discussed earlier, there are many more. Read along to know how you utilize them to make use of the template better.

Personalized Survey

Adding variables to your survey will help you access the piping feature. This feature lets you add previous answers to your current question, making your respondents feel like they’re actually having a conversation. Therefore, they’re more engaged while answering.

Multilingual Survey

If you’re looking for clear answers, it’s always better to give your respondents the leverage of answering in their language. So, we’ve made this template such that it supports more than 50 languages and it comes with an in-built google translator.

Sort Your Data

In case you want to compare previous responses to understand the trend better, make use of the advanced report filter feature. This feature lets you compare and sort data based on respondent details, questions, answers, time-period and many more. You can also save the sorted data for future use.

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