Features of Medical Clearance Form Template

More features of Medical Clearance Form Template

It’s a tool, not just a template. This can be used as a medical clearance form for employment, or to collect data for patients before significant surgery, among other things. It’s important not to give patients/candidates headaches while filling out forms, which is why it’s available both online and offline.

Contact Form

You can use this physician clearance form to collect entire contact information for patients and their doctors at once, including their email, address, phone number, blood group, hospital/clinic name, doctors’ designation, etc. Oh, my goodness! You also have complete control over how the contact form is customized.

Forms Shares with Ease

Create a scannable QR code for your offline/online forms and print it on digital/hard copies. It can also be shared via social media, emails, text messages, and online links that can be shared. Brochures, flyers, and receipts can all be printed with the code image. Otherwise, you can incorporate it into your job portal.

Display/Skip Logic

If you barrage customers with irrelevant questions, they may grow irritated. With a display/skip logic, use this medical clearance form for work to ask essential questions to your patients/candidates. Turn it on to reveal or conceal a question dependent on the responses of your respondents.

Group your Patients

Sort the information you gathered from your patients on this medical clearance request form into groups depending on the problems they’re having before big procedures, specifics from past doctor consultations, previous doctor’s department categorization, and other variables that meet your needs. You’ll be able to amend lists and construct surveys based on the categories you’ve created at any time.

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