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Webinar Feedback Form Template

Features of Webinar Feedback Form Template

More Features of Webinar Feedback Form Template

Automate the webinar feedback collection process using SurveySparrow and understand your audiences better. Improve the whole webinar experience for them and become the best in action.

Slack or MS Teams Integration

This feature comes handy when you are using the form within your organization. With integration with daily communication applications such as Slack or Microsoft Teams, you can share the webinar feedback form directly with your employees. They can complete their form within the app itself. Tracking and analyzing the responses is also easy.

Library of Question Types

A webinar feedback survey becomes comprehensive with different types of questions in it. You can select a question type based on your requirements. There are a plethora of question types such as dropdown, rating , multiple choice, group rank, matrix type, and many other question types that can be used.

White Labeling

Remove the SurveySparrow’s branding and add your brand’s logo in this form for webinar feedback. With your brand’s logo make the form look truly yours. You can also edit the forms with your own themes by using our CSS tool. You can also create a URL of your own with the brand’s name in it.

Set Reminder

For partial and non respondents, you can set automated reminders. Set the reminding time, customize the reminder email content, and also segment your audience between partial and non respondents. Set the time after which the reminder will be send to the audience.

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