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Secret Santa Form Template

Features of this Secret Santa Form Template

Spice up your Workplace's Christmas Season with our Secret Santa Form Template

Make the Christmas season at your workplace more exciting using this secret santa form. With the features of SurveySparrow, make full use of the template. Make it easy for your employees to participate in this game of surprises and improve your workplace environment.

Google Sheet Integration

To collect all the responses instantly in a google sheet, you need to toggle ON the integration. Once you have done that, you can name the “Secret Santa Sheet” sheet or choose any other name you prefer. This makes it easy to manage the responses effortlessly in one place. Using a free secret santa questionnaire, you can ask more fun questions to know your employees better. This will help you plan surprises on their special days and personalize your gifts.

With the google sheet, you can keep track of the responses anytime you want. This allows you to sort and analyze the data to make informed decisions when planning your gift exchange. The google sheet makes it easy to organize, communicate, and coordinate the gift exchange process. You can use the sheet to keep all the information organized and accessible to all employees.

The integration makes it easy to record the responses in real-time automatically. This minimizes the chances of errors and missed responses. You can also add more fields to the questionnaire to collect additional employee information. For example, you could ask for their favorite color, movie, or hobby.

Using a google sheet to manage your secret santa gift exchange is a great way to make the process more efficient and enjoyable. It allows you to easily monitor the progress of the gift exchange and ensure that everyone is participating. The sheet also helps to build a sense of community and collaboration among the employees.

GIF, Emojis, Pictures

To add more fun to basic secret santa questions, you can use GIFs, emojis, pictures, and even video links. This will make the questionnaire more exciting and engaging for your employees. You can use various tools to add these features to your questionnaire.

For example, you can use the GIFs and picture library from Unsplash and GIPHY. These libraries offer a vast collection of high-quality images that you can use to spice up your questionnaire. You can search by typing in the right keyword to find the perfect photo or GIF. This will bring up a list of images that match your search term.

Using GIFs, emojis, and pictures in your questionnaire will make it more interactive and fun. Your employees will enjoy answering the questions and seeing the images that you have added. You can also use video links to add more variety to your questionnaire. This can be a great way to introduce your employees to new concepts, products, or services.

Customizing your secret santa questionnaire can create a unique experience for your employees. You can tailor the questions to fit your company’s culture and employees’ interests. This will help to create a more personalized experience that will be memorable for your employees.

Set Automatic Reminders

It’s essential to ensure all employees participate in the secret santa questionnaire, but sometimes people need to remember or get busy with work. To ensure everyone completes the questionnaire, you can send reminders to non-respondents. This will help to increase participation rates and make the process more efficient.

Sending reminders can be time-consuming, especially if you are an HR manager with other tasks. SurveySparrow can help automate the process. You can fix the parameters and set up automated email reminders for non-respondents. This saves you time and ensures everyone participates in the secret santa gift exchange.

Reminders can also be sent to partial reminders. This is useful for employees who may have started the questionnaire but still need to finish it. The reminder emails can be customized to include a friendly message encouraging employees to complete the questionnaire.

Ensure that the secret santa questionnaire is completed by everyone without having to follow up with each employee manually. This makes the process more efficient and allows you to focus on other HR tasks.

Use Festive Video Background

Video background is an exciting customization feature that you can use to add life to your secret santa form. This feature allows you to loop in a colorful video that can take respondents into the world of secret santa. With this feature, you can make the questionnaire more engaging and fun for your employees.

The video background feature is available in secret santa templates that allow you to customize the form. You can choose from various videos to use as the background, depending on the theme or tone you want to set for the questionnaire. For example, you can select a video that shows snowflakes falling for a winter-themed secret santa, or a video that shows balloons and confetti for a celebratory secret santa.

The video background feature works by looping the video in the background while the questionnaire is being completed. This creates a dynamic and engaging experience for the respondents, and keeps them interested in completing the questionnaire. It also adds extra fun and excitement to the secret santa process.

The video background feature is a great way to customize the secret santa questionnaire and make it more memorable for your employees. It’s an easy way to add a touch of creativity to the form, and can make a big difference in how engaged your employees are with the process.

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