Features of this Secret Santa Form Template

More Features of Secret Santa Form Template

Make the Christmas season at your workplace more exciting using this secret santa form template. With the features of SurveySparrow, make full use of the template. Make it easy for your employees to participate in this game of surprises and improve your workplace environment.

Google Sheet Integration

Collect all the responses instantly in a google sheet by toggling ON the integration. Call it a secret santa sheet or whatever, and manage the responses effortlessly. You can also ask more fun questions in this free secret santa questionnaire to know your employees better and plan surprises on their special days. With the google sheet, you can track the responses anytime you want.

GIF, Emojis, Pictures

Add fun to these basic secret santa questions by using GIFs, emojis, and pictures. You can also add video links to the questionnaire. Access the vast picture and GIF library from Unsplash, and GIPHY in the builder. Search for the image you need by just typing the right keyword, and there it is! Customize this work secret santa questionnaire as you want.

Set Reminder

Send reminders to non-respondents to complete the secret santa questionnaire. In the hassles of work, it is obvious that they will forget to answer it. If you are an HR, you need not stop all your work and keep reminding your employees. Leave it to SurveySparrow! Fix the parameters, and the platform will send email reminders to the non-responders, and nudge those who forgot to complete the questionnaire.

Video Background

One of the most exciting customization features of this free secret santa template is the video background. Take the respondents into the world of secret santa. With video background, you add life to your secret santa form just by looping in a colorful video.

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