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Secret Santa Form Template

Christmas is the season of perpetual hope, love, and joy. But more importantly, it’s the season for presents! It’s time for Secret Santa! Wondering what to get your elf? Use this Secret Santa Form Template to collect data about your elf’s likes and dislikes and give them the best presents.

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Features of Secret Santa Form Template

Spice up your Workplace's Christmas Season with our Secret Santa Form Template

Benefits of the Secret Santa Form Template


Google Sheet Integration

You need to toggle ON the integration to collect all the responses instantly in a Google sheet. The Google Sheet integration makes organizing, communicating, and coordinating the gift exchange process easy. You can use the sheet to keep all the information organized and accessible to all employees using a free Secret Santa questionnaire. You can ask more fun questions to get to know your employees better. This will help you plan surprises on their special days and personalize your gifts.
The integration makes it easy to record the responses automatically in real time. Using a Google sheet to manage your secret Santa gift exchange is a great way to make the process more efficient and enjoyable. It allows you to easily monitor the progress of the gift exchange and ensure that everyone is participating. The sheet also helps to build a sense of community and collaboration among the employees.

GIF, Emojis, Pictures

To add more fun to basic secret Santa questions, you can use GIFs, emojis, pictures, and even video links. This will make the questionnaire more exciting and engaging for your employees. You can use various tools to add these features to your questionnaire. For example, you can use the GIFs and picture library from Unsplash and GIPHY. Your employees will enjoy answering the questions and seeing the images that you have added.
You can also use video links to add more variety to your questionnaire. This can be a great way to introduce your employees to new concepts, products, or services. You can tailor the questions to fit your company’s culture and employees’ interests. This will help to create a more personalized experience that will be memorable for your employees.

Set Automatic Reminders

It’s essential to ensure all employees participate in the Secret Santa questionnaire, but sometimes people must remember or get busy with work. To ensure everyone completes the questionnaire, you can send reminders to non-respondents. This will help to increase participation rates and make the process more efficient.
Sending reminders can be time-consuming, especially if you are an HR manager with other tasks. SurveySparrow can help automate the process. You can fix the parameters and set up automated email reminders for non-respondents and partial respondents. This saves you time and ensures everyone participates in the Secret Santa gift exchange.

Use Festive Video Background

Video background is an exciting customization feature that you can use to add life to your Secret Santa form. This feature allows you to loop in a colorful video that can take respondents into the world of Secret Santa. With this feature, you can make the questionnaire more engaging and fun for your employees. The video background feature is available in Secret Santa templates to allow you to customize the form. You can choose from various videos to use as the background, depending on the theme or tone you want to set for the questionnaire.
For example, you can select a video that shows snowflakes falling for a winter-themed Secret Santa or a video that shows balloons and confetti for a celebratory Secret Santa. The video background feature works by looping the video in the background while the questionnaire is being completed. This creates a dynamic and engaging experience for the respondents and keeps them interested in completing the questionnaire. It also adds extra fun and excitement to the Secret Santa process.


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Who can use this Template?

Friends and Family:

Ready for a Secret Santa gift exchange with your friends or family for the next holiday season? Then, you are at the right place. This template organizes your gift exchange process in no time. Our user friendly form helps you customize quickly and match your event details. Real-time notifications is enabled so that participants can submit their preferences, ensuring everybody gets the perfect gift.

Coworkers and Colleagues:

Are you interested to add festive fun at your workplace? This template easily coordinates gift exchange process among your colleagues. Our conversational and user friendly interface help you gather preferences, assign Secret Santas and make the process simple. Spread holiday vibe around and boost workplace morale with our template.

Social Clubs and Organizations:

Whether you are into sports team, book club or any social community oraganization, utilizing this template for a delightful gift exchange can be a happier activity for members. With SurveySparrow, customize the form that match your group’s preferences and requirements. You can also analyze participants’ preferences using SurveySparrow’s data analysis features and make sure everybody receives the best gift.

Event Planners and Organizers:

As an event planner or organizer, managing gift exchanges at your events can be simple with this Secret Santa form template. Customize the template to fit the theme of your event and streamline the gift exchange process. SurveySparrow’s real-time notifications and data analysis features help you stay organized and ensure a memorable experience for all attendees.

What is included in the template?

Tailored Questions:

For the thoughtful gift exchange process, Secret Santa template takes care of from collecting tailored participants’ contact information to understanding their gift preferences. This includes

Participant Information: Collecting names, email addresses, and other contact details.

Gift Preferences: For more info about participants’ likes, dislikes, hobbies, and interests to facilitate thoughtful gift selection.

Additional Comments: Allowing participants to share any specific requests or additional information related to the Secret Santa exchange.

Seamless Participation

For seamless partcipation, participants can easily access the form shared via link, SMS, QR codes, etc. The intuitive and conversational interface allows for a higher completion rates, thus encouraging maximum participation from the attendees.

Automated Matching:

One of the outstanding features of SurveySparrow’s template is its capability to match the Santa partners automatically. The platform intelligently pairs individuals and thus eliminating the need for manual matching. This reduces error and also enhances the overall fairness.

Streamlined Communication:

Effective communication is one of the key aspect to execute this Secret Santa fun. Organizers can make use of the built-in automation features to share about reminders, updates and other important event details. This feature ensures everyone stays informed and engaged throughout the process leading to smoother and comfortable experience.

How to Use the Secret Santa Template



Tailor the form by easily editing the questions, add or remove sections and personalize the design to match your theme’s branding. You can also customize the font colour, style, themes, etc. The flexibility to collect various information like gift preferences, contact information makes the template stand out.


You can simplify the entire planning process by its versatile integration options. It integrates with Google Sheet, allowing you to sync participant data and automate workflows. You can also integrate with email marketing software like MailChimp to send out invitations or reminders so that one can keep up with the deadlines


The platform offers multiple sharing options including shareable links, QR codes, email, phone or social media platforms. Distribute or share in all these ways to shrae your target audience effectively. The user friendly sharing features assures maximum participation and higher completion rates from the participants


This template has the best analytical features with an executive dashboard that helps you track and analyze participant data in real-time.Monitor response rates, identify trends in gift preferences, and gather valuable feedback to improve future events.With intuitive dashboards and customizable reports, analyzing survey data as it is crucial for optimizing your Secret Santa event.

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