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Features of Participant Feedback Form Template

More Features of Participant Feedback Form Template

With SurveySparrow, this participant feedback form template is transformed into a tool that helps you become better with every workshop you organize. The features of SurveySparrow will help you evaluate your workshop based on participants’ feedback and have more channels of feedback collection.

White Labeling

Own this feedback form for workshop participants by customizing it the way you want. You can design your own theme using any graphical software and use it in the form. We also have a collection of already designed themes that you can apply with just a single click. We also have an advanced CSS editor for you to code your own design. Play around!

It doesn’t stop here.

While sharing this workshop feedback form through email, you can customize the email itself. Add your brand’s logo, use the right font, and personalize the email for every respondent. This will get you a higher number of clicks.

Generate a custom domain with the name of your choice. You can use your brand name, or anything else that you think will resonate with the respondents. Generate trust amongst the respondents and stand out of the crowd.

QR Code

With QR Code, this feedback form becomes easily accessible. Participants can just scan the code and give their feedback. You can place QR codes on your website, posters, pamphlets, or any other visual media you are using to promote the workshop. This also comes with a location tracking feature. If you are collecting feedback from different locations, you can use different QR Codes. Responses from individual QR codes can be tracked. They will help you make better decisions.

Executive Dashboard

The executive dashboard helps you to keep a bird-eye view over all the activities happening around feedback collection. As you collect responses using this feedback form for the workshop, you can analyze the data through graphs, widgets, and charts on a real-time basis. The dashboard comes with bar charts, pie charts, composite graphs, journey charts, word clouds, etc. With word cloud, you can study the respondents’ sentiments better using open-ended questions.

Offline Feedback Form

You can also install this feedback form on a kiosk at the workshop venue. Participants can give their feedback on the spot. Since the feedback is collected immediately, the responses will be more candid which will ultimately help you to make your workshops better next time.

NPS Questions

Along with other feedback form questions for workshop, you can use a 10 point opinion question type to measure the NPS score. An NPS question basically asks the participants if they are willing to recommend the workshop or event to their circle of friends, or family. The score will help you understand how many participants are your promoters, or detractors.

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