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Online RSVP Form Template

Features of this Online RSVP Form Template

Manage Attendees with Online RSVP Form Template


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Manage attendees of a corporate event or meeting better using this online RSVP form template. Send invites, collect replies, and organize your meetings smoothly. Use other features and integrations of SurveySparrow to kickstart an event cycle. Trigger surveys at the right touchpoints.

Customizable Form

Own this RSVP form template by customizing it the way you want. Use one of our pre-designed themes that match your requirements, or create your own theme by uploading your background, adjusting the button colors, font, etc. You can also use a CSS editor to code your own background. Create different RSVP forms for different events.

Voice Transcription

Allow your respondents to fill out the online RSVP form by talking to them. Enable voice transcription feature for open-ended questions. Invitees can record their responses when it is not feasible for them to type the answers. You can listen to the voice recordings in the dashboard.

Mailchimp Integration

Manage your contact list better and send invitations using MailChimp integration. Segment your audiences based on tags. Use the contacts as leads for your future campaigns, and build a wider audience. For business meetings, communicate better and collect regular feedback.

Multilingual RSVP Form

Create one RSVP form and translate it into different languages. Choose from more than 70 languages across the globe. Conduct global events and meetings online with no hassles. Ensure that your RSVP is globally language-friendly.


Use Cases: Online RSVP Form Template


Wedding RSVP

Wedding planners could use this template to simplify the guest list management process. The form can include fields for guests to confirm their attendance, select their meal preferences, indicate whether they’ll be bringing a plus one, and even gather additional information like song requests or dietary restrictions. This would help the couple and their planner make the event even more memorable by efficiently accommodating their guests’ needs.

Corporate Event Registration

Corporate event organizers, whether hosting conferences, workshops, or trade shows, can benefit from this template by including fields for attendees to provide their contact information, choose sessions or workshops they wish to attend, and make payment if necessary. This would help simplify the registration process, minimize errors, and allow organizers to plan for the specific number of attendees to allocate resources accordingly.

Party or Celebration RSVP

An online form can help people who are throwing a personal party, like a birthday, anniversary, or holiday get-together, keep track of their guests and party details more easily. Guests can confirm they will be there, say if they have children, list any allergies or dietary needs, and even suggest gifts or other items they would like to bring.

Charity Volunteer Signup

Nonprofit organizations, community groups, and charities often rely on volunteers to support their initiatives. An online form can be used to recruit and manage volunteers effectively for such organizations. The form may include fields for individuals to express their interest, specify their availability, and detail their skills or preferences for volunteer tasks. They can then match volunteers to suitable opportunities, schedule shifts, and maintain a database of willing contributors.


How to use the Online RSVP Form Template



Customize the form with your event’s branding elements, colors, and style with the white labeling feature ensuring consistency with the event’s theme or purpose. With the help of 20+ different question types available, edit the template and customize it with event-specific information like date, time, venue, and any additional instructions or special requests for attendees.


Set up automated confirmation emails upon RSVP form submission which will help provide attendees with event details and confirming their attendance when they complete the form.


You can share the form link through various channels such as email invitations, social media, event websites, or newsletters to reach potential attendees. The form is also mobile-friendly and easily accessible on different devices, allowing attendees to RSVP conveniently from anywhere.


Manage RSVP responses effectively, maintaining an organized guest list with the Executive Dashboard feature that can be easily accessed on the platform or exported to other database softwares such as excel or google sheets. Send follow-up communications or reminders to attendees closer to the event date with the help of recurring features, providing event updates or any essential information they might need.

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