Features of this Online RSVP Form Template

More Features of Online RSVP Form Template

Manage attendees of a corporate event or meeting better using this online rsvp form template. Send invites, collect replies and organize your meetings smoothly. Use other features and integrations of SurveySparrow to kickstart an event cycle. Trigger surveys at right touchpoints.

Customizable Form

Own this rsvp form template by customizing it the way you want. Use one of our pre-designed themes that match your requirement, or create your own theme by uploading your background, adjusting the button colors, font, etc. You can also use a CSS editor to code your own background. Create different rsvp forms for different events.

Voice Transcription

Allow your respondents to fill the online rsvp form by talking into them. Enable voice transcription feature for open ended questions. Invitees can record their responses when it is not feasible for them to type the answers. You can listen to the voice recordings in the dashboard.

Mailchimp Integration

Manage your contact list better and send invitations using mailchimp integration. Segment your audiences based on tags. Use the contacts as leads for your future campaigns, and build a wider audience. For business meetings, communicate better and collect regular feedback.

Multilingual RSVP Form

Create one rsvp form and translate it into different languages. Choose from more than 70 languages across the globe. Conduct global events and meetings online with no hassles. Ensure that your rsvp is globally language friendly.

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