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Boat Survey Checklist Template

Features of our Boat Survey Checklist Template

Set your sails right with our Boat Survey Checklist

With this boat survey checklist, you get to dive deep into every piece of information necessary to ensure the safety of your boat. Thanks to its features, you won’t even have to switch between different surveys and carry many papers around. Don your sailor hats and get ready for some sea-worthy features.

Multiple Share Options

Make the survey journey easy breezy by offering flexible share options. Share your boat inspection checklists via multiple channels to ensure higher response and completion rates. Share your surveys through email easily. You can also distribute your boat survey checklists through SMS in case of reduced access to emails. Take surveying to the next level by placing QR codes on your boat. Circulate unique URLs or even place the checklists on your webpage so visitors can know what to look for. If you’re a boat owner, you can create a checklist for each boat and distribute each through different channels and URLs. Place offline kiosks at your ports or any area with limited internet connectivity and gather important data.


Tailor this boat survey to fit your needs and make it look like a professional marine surveyors checklist. Make your checklist vibrant by adding a theme to it. Pick your favorite theme from the gallery or create one on your own by mixing and matching your favorite colors. Choose your desired font from the collection, change your button colors, choose a language of your choice, and what not. You even get to experiment with plenty of question types, like signatures and ratings, for creating your ultimate sailboat survey checklist. Make your surveys smart by adding skip and display logic to it. You can even enable automatic reminders and follow-up emails to ensure that respondents complete this sailboat inspection checklist in a timely manner.

Bunch of Integrations

Integrate your boat inspection checklist to various third-party applications like project management platforms, CRMs. This will help you streamline your surveying process and save you tons of manual effort and time. Achieve improved workflows the right way and add more value to your surveys, easily and effectively. The whole world at your fingertips!

Real-time reporting and analytics

It’s not only important to create useful surveys, but it is even more crucial to analyze the findings and deep dive into the results. SurveySparrow’s reporting tools help you delve into your responses and analyze them with the same sophistication that marine surveyors use for checklists. Generate customized reports to arrive at actionable insights. Get access to exclusive dashboards to view, slice, and dice data. Add widgets and visualize huge chunks of data into simpler forms easily. Compare and correlate boat inspection checklists belonging to different time frames, boats, and respondents and decode patterns with journey maps.

Case Management

If you’re looking to sell one or multiple boats, you would always want to know what would get customers to buy your boats and what is stopping them from buying one. You would also want to rectify each error, find a solution and fix any damage. Say hello to Case Management by SurveySparrow, which helps you create, track and monitor tickets subsequent to sharing and receiving responses for your sailboat survey checklists. Grow as an establishment, nurture customer confidence, and boost loyalty to get them coming back for more boats. This sailboat inspection checklist is your answer to improved customer voyages, if you know what we mean!

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