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Skill Gap Analysis Questionnaire Template

Features of this Skill Gap Analysis Questionnaire Template

Arrive at Optimum Employee Performance using Skill Gap Analysis Questionnaire

With SurveySparrow, analyze the skill gaps with no hassles. Use dashboards, widgets, and other features to get insights and simplify communications with your employees through this skill gap analysis questionnaire.

Visualize the Responses

Every response is collected in a dashboard, making it easy to observe trends. You can slice and dice the data with different widgets and filters to derive insights. Know the scope of employee performance improvement and plan the training programs accordingly. Compare the response quarter-wise and keep a check on skill gap analysis effectiveness.

Email Reminders

It is obvious that employees will tend to forget filling this questionnaire as they have other priority things to do. Configure reminders for the training gap analysis template and ensure that your employees don’t miss out. This feature is a savior to HR departments as there’s no need to worry about reminding. Once you set the interval of reminders, the platform will send emails automatically. You can also customize the email the way you want.

Mobile Friendly Questionnaire

This template is responsive to any screen size. Employees can fill out the skill gap questionnaire on laptops, desktops, tablets, smartphones, or devices of any screen size. With multi-device compatibility, you need not worry about which device your employees use. The survey supports all.

Skip/Display Logic

Ask only relevant questions based on previous responses. Use the skip/display logic feature to show or hide questions based on responses. For instance, if the employee is a front-end coder, ask only about skill sets related to coding. This makes your questionnaire concise, and the employee will not skip irrelevant questions.

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