Features of this Salesperson Performance Evaluation Form

More Features of Salesperson Performance Evaluation Form

With SurveySparrow, this salesperson performance evaluation form can help you to improve both customer experience at your service touchpoint and employee experience. The feedback from your customers helps salespeople to be better at their jobs. Based on the analysis of the responses, you can train your employees to give better service to your customers. This way, you can grow your business by building trust amongst your customers.

Conversational Feedback Form

With a conversational user interface, you can collect candid feedback from your customers. Add pictures, and GIFs to improve the form filling experience. Create a mood and compel them to give honest responses. The conversational tone also helps you to achieve higher completion rates as respondents take interest in filling the salesperson evaluation form.

Library of Question Types

With different question types, you can have comprehensive data on what your customers think about your salesperson. You can use rank-based, matrix type, open-ended, multiple-choice, and many other question types. SurveySparrow even supports voice transcription for open-ended questions. You can also use interactive messages between questions, to increase respondent engagement.

QR Code

Place the QR code scanner at the customer support center so that customers can scan it and give feedback easily. By placing unique QR codes for the sales agent feedback forms, you can also keep track of the responses based on the locations of different customer support centers. Based on customer feedback you can take strategic decisions and train your employees accordingly.

Executive Dashboard

Analyze responses using widgets, charts, and graphs. Drag survey data onto the dashboard and see the numbers getting transformed into graphs instantly. Visualize the data at a glance and generate PDF reports. See the most complex of the data clearly and use the information for salesperson performance evaluation.

Multiple Sharing Options

Share the sales rep evaluation form through SMS, embedding it into an email, or by directly sending the URL. You can also embed it on your website as a pop-up or inline embed. And, you need not know coding for it. SurveySparrow generates a code snippet that you can just copy-paste.

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