Features of Personnel Action Form Template

More Features of Personnel Action Form Template

Go paperless with your employee’s data. This Personnel Action Form Template lets you store every little data of your employee without making it a tedious task. Furthermore, The features that come with this template let you do more than just keeping records of your employee. Read along to know more.

Library of Question Types

This personnel action request form template is loaded with various types of questions. Pick the most appropriate one based on the responses expected from your respondent. This enables you to reduce the turnaround time and effort of your respondent.

Accept Signature

Amongst a library of question types, one of the most useful is the Signature Question Type. Adding a signature question helps you in avoiding further confusion. So add this question type to your employee action form template and accept the signature of your respondent as they fill up the form. The signature can be accepted in three ways: draw, type, or upload.

Automated Reminders

Use this feature to send reminders to the ones who’ve missed filling up the generic personnel action form or to the ones who’ve partially filled it. Add reminder time and this template will automatically shoot reminder mails to the respondents. You can also send SMS notifications to remind them to complete the personnel action form.

Device-Friendly Form

The personnel action template works perfectly fine on any device such as on laptop, desktop mobile or even tablets. So your respondents have the leverage to use any device they are comfortable with!

Generate Reports

When respondents complete the sample personnel action form, reports on various elements of employees, such as employee transfer, salary modification, termination, and new hiring, can be generated. The generated reports can be utilized to help the organization maintain an employee personnel file.

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