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Employee Leave Application Form Template

Features of Employee Leave Application Form Template

More Features of Employee Leave Application Form Template

This conversational leave request form helps both employees and HRs. Unlike a traditional leave form, this leave application template comes with wholesome features of SurveySparrow. The form is mobile-friendly and can be filled directly inside Slack or MS Teams. Apart from these, there are other features as well.

Google Sheet Integration

Toggle this integration and get all employee leave application details in a sheet. For HRs, this feature is a boon. After exporting the data in a sheet, they can sort the entries based on employees’ names to know the number of leaves taken by an employee. They can also use a consolidated sheet for record purposes if the employees are working on a specific client’s project.


Brand this employee leave request form template for your organization. You can design your own background, either an image or a video, and apply it to this leave form. We also have a collection of pre-designed themes that you can apply with just a single click. Also, there’s an advanced CSS editor in our form builder. You can play around with codes and create the background you want!

Multiple Sharing Options

This leave application for employees can be shared in multiple ways. If you have a leave application portal, you can use the webpage embed feature. You need not have any coding knowledge. We generate the code and you just copy-paste. You can also embed the form in an email or share the link through any message-sharing app.

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