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HR Effectiveness Survey Template

This customizable HR effectiveness survey is designed to help the human resource department to improve its operations. The HRs can circulate this survey to their employees and based on their responses can modify existing processes or come up with new ones.

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In the highly competitive retail industry, ensuring employee satisfaction is vital for customer service and business success. With this template, retail businesses can craft tailored questions to delve into various facets of employee satisfaction. They can utilize the conditional logic feature of the survey builder to present follow-up questions based on responses, uncovering specific pain points. This allows retail managers to pinpoint areas like work-life balance or training programs that need improvement, ultimately resulting in a more engaged and satisfied workforce.


In the healthcare sector, staff engagement directly impacts patient care quality and outcomes. This survey template can be customized with industry-specific questions related to patient care, compliance, and team dynamics. The anonymity feature is crucial here, as it empowers healthcare employees to provide honest feedback without fear of repercussions. The survey builder’s reporting capabilities allow healthcare administrators to analyze responses and take targeted actions to enhance staff engagement, leading to improved patient care and staff retention.


Diversity and inclusion are top priorities for tech companies aiming to foster innovation and attract a diverse workforce. This template can be tailored with questions focused on diversity initiatives, equity, and inclusion training. The multilingual support feature ensures inclusivity by allowing respondents to answer in their preferred language. This empowers tech companies to gather comprehensive data on their diversity and inclusion efforts and make informed decisions to create a more inclusive workplace culture.


Safety is paramount in the manufacturing industry, and ensuring employee well-being is a top concern. This template can include questions related to safety protocols, hazard awareness, and incident reporting. The offline response collection feature is critical in manufacturing environments where internet access may be limited. Employees can fill out the survey on mobile devices even in remote areas, helping manufacturing companies gather safety-related data effectively. This data, when analyzed, aids in improving workplace safety, reducing accidents, and ensuring regulatory compliance.

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