Features of Getting To Know Your Employees Questionnaire Template

Know your employees better with our Getting To Know Your Employees Questionnaire Template

This cool getting to know your employees questionnaire has all features in-built to assist you in your mission to understand your team better. Improve relationships, enhance employee engagement, improve development opportunities, and bring about a better workplace culture. We want only the best for you! Read more to know how.

Advanced Question Types

When you need to understand your employees well, you must ask them the right questions. Getting to know your team right with advanced, multiple question types is essential to learn more. Find out what they’d do with multiple-choice questions, or spruce up your creativity with picture choices. Get open-ended feedback from your employees with text-based questions. Add little messages among your getting to know your team questions and motivate them to complete the questionnaire. You can also use smiley ratings, slider question types, or even heatmaps to know them better.

Personalized Surveys

What good are employees questionnaires if they don’t cater to the particular employee? Well, you need to think beyond a common get to know your team questionnaire and reach for a personalized one. With SurveySparrow, you can add variables such as employee names to the questions, use emojis, and even employ skip and display logics. Pipe their answers and use them to ask the next question. Reward them with powerful survey experiences by heightening their visual appeal with themes, images, and videos. With this get to know your staff questionnaire, you’ll truly make them feel valuable and at home.

Powerful Automations

Think beyond creating and sharing employees questionnaires. Be the torch bearer and streamline your surveying process by employing in-built automations. By scheduling them, send out your get to know your employees form at regular intervals. Automate the process of sending reminder emails to those who have yet to complete the questionnaire. Get improved survey response and completion rates effortlessly by using SurveySparrow’s automations to do more. You can even allow your employees to edit & resubmit the answers or send a copy to themselves without any manual effort.

Conversational Interface

Converse your employees’ hearts and gauge their interests and passion with this employee likes and dislikes questionnaire. Make the best use of the rich, engaging, and slick UI to get them to know better and build better relationships. Achieve a 40% higher response rate and create a better working world for your employees. Tweak your tone most appealingly, welcome them with screens, and thank them with all your heart. Tap into your creative skills and bring out the best get to know your team questionnaire.

White-labeled Questionnaires

Make your questionnaires yours truly by owning it every way. Flaunt your brand identity using your logo, fonts, and color palettes. Take your employee wellness game to the next level and host your questionnaire on your domain. This way, you nurture trust in your employees and increase their confidence, engaging them well at every step. White-label your forms to glory and provide secure and delightful experiences to your employees. Boost your image and stand out from the crowd. Identity matters!

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