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Employee Skill Assessment Questionnaire Template

Features of Employee Skills Assessment Questionnaire Template

More Features of Employee Skill Assessment Questionnaire

This template is a specially curated one which allows you to not just gauge your candidates but also let you understand their writing ability, analytical skills, and of course present mindedness. The template can be tweaked by changing the questions into a performance skills questionnaire, or communication skills assessment questionnaire. Here are few more features that’ll help you conduct skills assessments better,

Multiple Sharing Options

Share the skill assessment questionnaire through different channels and make it easier for candidates to fill it. You can share it through a direct URL, or embed it in an email. You can also generate a code and paste it to embed the questionnaire on a web page. You can either embed it as an inline embed or pop-up. There is also SMS sharing, QR code, and social share options.

White Label Questionnaire

Remove SurveySparrow branding from the employee skill assessment template and add your own brand. Customize the colors and font so that they go with your brand guidelines. Use our advanced CSS editor to code your own background. Get a custom domain of your choice as well. Let the questionnaire represent your brand in all ways.

Comprehensive Dashboard

Do a comparative analysis between the candidates or employees and assess their skill levels better. Know what skills your employees lack and organize specific skill development programs for them. Use different types of widgets, graphs, and charts to understand the information clearly.

Multilingual Support

SurveySparrow supports over 70 languages globally. Create one skill assessment questionnaire and instantly translate it using google translate feature inside SurveySparrow. No need to create different questionnaires for different languages. Simplify the process across all offices across the world.

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