Features of Employee Peer Review Form Template

More Features of Employee Peer Review Form Template

Here are a few more features of SurveySparrow to help you conduct seamless performance reviews using this employee peer review form template.

White Label

With our white labeling feature, remove SurveySparrow branding and add your own brand to this peer review template. Create a brand impact amongst your employees by adding your company logo on the opening screen, background screen that matches your brand color scheme, and adjusting the button colors. Generate a custom url of your choice for the form. Use your brand name in it.

Peer Review Report

All the responses from the peer review evaluation form are recorded in a dashboard. A comprehensive dashboard helps you analyze data from different perspectives. With widgets, charts, and graphs get a complete picture of where your organization is heading. Export employee peer review reports in PDF format. HRs and Managers can collaborate on the dashboard and make decisions collectively.

Multiple Sharing Option

Share this employee peer evaluation form through multiple channels and track responses for each one of them. You can embed it in an email, or a webpage, share the form through sms, and even qr code. WIth slack integration, employees can submit peer reviews within the app itself. They need not exit the window to fill the employee peer review form.

Interactive User Interface

The interactive UI of this peer review form template compels employees to give candid feedback. Add emojis, interactive messages, picture choice questions, videos, gifs to make your employee review form engaging.

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