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Call Center Employee Evaluation Template

Features of Call Center Employee Evaluation Template

Expedite the process of evaluation with this Call Center Employee Evaluation Template

Not just the above said this evaluation form template comes with other features too. Read along to learn how you can make the best use of them

Assortment of Question Types

Apart from the smiley rating question type, this evaluation form also comes with a range of other questions! Pick and choose the most suitable type of question for your evaluation form based on the responses you expect from your evaluator. This template supports everything from the contact form to text type, from rating scale to date type!

Automated Reminders

We understand that your performance evaluation process must be time-bound. But, there could be instances when the evaluators miss filling up the form within the stipulated time. And manually handling them can be a task. So, we’ve enabled our template to send automated reminders to all those who’ve partially filled out the form or completely forgot. Set a reminder date, and the rest will be taken care of.

Personalized form

Having a personalized touch in your evaluation form gives you the advantage of getting honest feedback with clarity. Add variables to your evaluation form to use the pipeline feature The pipeline feature allows you to add previous answers to your current ones, thus personalizing it.

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