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Work From Home Survey Template

Features of this Work From Home Survey Template

More Features of Work From Home Survey Template

Easily analyze the skill gaps of your remote workforce with SurveySparrow. Utilize powerful features such as dashboards, widgets, and more to gain insightful results and streamline communication with your employees through this comprehensive work-from-home survey template.

Track Responses Visually

Easily track the responses to your work-from-home experience survey with a convenient dashboard. Quickly identify trends and patterns using different filters and widgets to analyze the data. Gain a better understanding of employee performance and use the insights to improve the remote working experience. Monitor progress quarter-by-quarter and evaluate the effectiveness of your skill gap analysis efforts.

Automatic Email Reminders

With busy schedules and many other priorities, it’s easy for employees to forget to complete a work-from-home effectiveness survey. Simplify the process with automated email reminders configured directly through the platform. There is no need for HR departments to worry about manually reminding employees – simply set the interval, and the platform will automatically send the emails. Customize the emails to fit your needs and ensure all responses are collected promptly.

Mobile Friendly Questionnaire

This work-from-home effectiveness survey is optimized for any device or screen size. Your employees can easily complete the questionnaire on laptops, desktops, tablets, smartphones, or any other device, regardless of screen size. With full compatibility across multiple devices, you won’t need to worry about which device your employees are using. The survey is designed to support all.

Skip/Display Logic

Streamline your work-from-home effectiveness survey by asking only the most relevant questions based on previous responses. The skip/display logic feature allows you to show or hide questions based on the responses provided, ensuring that the questionnaire remains focused and efficient. Using this feature, you can create a more personalized and dynamic survey experience for each respondent.

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